Thoughts on Life 1

I believe that life goes beyond what we see and what we see teach us a lot about our existence.

I have met people with black, brown, yellow and white hair. I see blue clouds, sometimes grey, other times white. I have seen big oceans, small rivers and little creeks, lived in big cities and enjoyed the small hamlet setting. Little things, big things, all add to life’s diverse meaning. Life’s diversity is an interesting one.

Life is colourful. Colourful things are usually beautiful. The colour of life is alive! Positive vibes beget happiness and joy. Now if everyone could take a moment to think about life’s many colours, we can agree that our existence and success is tied to others (including our environment) and not ourselves alone.

There are reasons our body system is different from other animals, and there are more reasons why we are super intelligent.

Simple things, not material things, give life its true meaning. So life is to be enjoyed not endured. Walking through green parks and caring for people, loved ones, pets, and our environment has proved that life’s most precious and essential gifts are not material things.

Now we exist because there is an earth to take care of and that we all have roles to play. So we live to protect our environment and to add value to other people’s life and existence.


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