Muse: Cymbals

I fail when I break your rule

Be rest assured I still love you

For even when the sound of drums and bass guitars go faint

Your peaceful cymbals still play down the sorrow in my heart


Lost Love

Love flowed in this heart
Pure as in the waters
That flow on smooth rocks
And of a baby”s tears
Growing her first tooth
We watched it sprout
This is a lovely one, we thought
But then the suns scorch
Came to it, with fiery passion
The heat was on, unbearable
The love melted off, we cried
But then it went, gradually
Never to come back to us

I belong not to this enclave
Called the world


Heart broken

How times fly past
How love fall apart
And all life goes on
Left alone on the sun
Dancing the steps we use to
Looking up for comfort
Of the heart and soul
Days are fast forgotten
The suns warmth all lost
The green life dark
And nothing makes meaning
But to recall the moments
Of us, of our tryst
Up the the hills
Watching the setting sun
Playing with the straying ants
And loving the look of the clouds
Even a play in the rain
Minding not beast or man
Will you remember
The first tears drawn
From this face
The drops wiped
By your own hand
And the love you had given?
Do you remember the promises,
The desires of the mind
The prayers we prayed
The moments all ordained
For us to witness
Just to fall apart
Or was it to learn?
Will you forget me in a hurry?
Even though I had not all yet
Even when all I desire
Is that broad smile
Drawn across your pretty face
Which understanding we know not
Cos we stay in a world
Where none exists but us
Where we let Nature teach us
And we learn only thru loving deeds
See the hopes you given
Still fresh in my heart
See the lamp you lighted
Still beeping and shining
Showing the way about
The dark tunnel,
A farewell I greet thee
My humble fairest
One day, we shall see
And I hope to it…

Oiroegbu Halls