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Information on Covid-19 in Local Languages

This is Umukwu, Amune Ovim in Isuikwuato. An uncle sent this video to me yesterday. I’m happy to see this happen. Now that information about the virus is spread through local languages, I expect to see some change in attitude and willingness to observe social distancing. The video is in Igbo language. I think the same should be done in other parts of Nigeria, especially the North and other African nations as well. This way our rural populace will know about the virus and how it can be avoided. There’s an English version here. Kudos to all that organized this. Stay safe everyone.

Learn Igbo language.

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Update: Covid19 in Africa

This image from CGTN Africa show African countries with confirmed Covid19 cases.

Stay safe everyone.


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Stay Safe

News of the spreading virus makes the headline each day. I think everyone can play a role to stop it. I’m impressed and grateful for the effort, resources and time our health and medical workers employ to contain the virus. I think bloggers should help by talking about it and sharing information about the virus on their blogs. I shared a video on this sometime ago.

Advice: Stay calm, panic can only cause unnecessary worry and stress. Make sure to follow health safety measures. We can always pray and have faith.

Stay safe everyone. Love ❤💚💜💙💛


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All about Coronavirus

Nigeria recorded her first case of Coronavirus 2 days ago. I received this video from a friend in Italy.

Please share this video with loved ones.

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Health, our new Wealth

Health is a new wealth! Here are some factors that may help us live healthily.

Our psychology plays a significant role in our wellbeing. If you think healthy thoughts, you’ll be healthy. We were thinking healthy means being conscious of our internal and external environment and knowing how to maintain a proper balance.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he…

Our lifestyle matters too. Observing good siesta is good. Sleep is part of human nature, and it’s the best way to rest essential organs in the body. Sufficient sleep is required if we desire to be strong mentally and physically. Our choice of nutrition, exercise, feeding habits and personal hygiene also affect our wellbeing.

Water! Ah, water is life. Man and water are inseparable. The earth surface consists of about 70% of water and man is made up of water! Oxygen contains water too. So clean water is essential. While we may enjoy beverages, wine, and others, we must not forget that water remains the best option.

Happiness is a healthy factor. Happily, satisfaction is free, and no one but ourselves can control our happiness! Studies reveal that happy people tend to live longer. Peace of mind comes from being happy, and this has a way of affecting our health!


Health benefits of Tiger Nuts

January this year, I visited a friend in Abuja, Nigeria and she welcomed me with a juice. This juice was nourishing. I learned that it was Tiger nut milk mixed with coconut milk and crushed dates! It was quite tasty for a traditional drug!

Permit me to introduce the Tiger nut AKA Chufa and yellow nutsedge. If you are unsure why it’s called Tiger nut, you are not alone. We are in the same boat.

On closer examination, we can see that the color is dull yellow with tiny brown patches. Maybe, that’s why it’s called Tiger nut. It’s a common nut eaten as a snack in Africa. The grass grows wild but with greater market demand, it’s now cultivated. Sometimes the nuts are dried (for storage purposes) or sold fresh. There’s many varieties of the nut and in Nigeria for instance it is chiefly produced in the North.

Some health benefits of Tiger nut include:

1. Reduces blood sugar level

2. Acts as human aphrodisiac

3. Provides essential minerals

4. Its high fiber content aids digestion

5. Fights infections

6. Improves heart health, etc…

As you can see, Tiger nut is the total package. Get some for yourself, it’s a natural drug.