Health benefits of Tiger Nuts

January this year, I visited a friend in Abuja, Nigeria and she welcomed me with a juice. This juice was nourishing. I learned that it was Tiger nut milk mixed with coconut milk and crushed dates! It was quite tasty for a traditional drug!

Permit me to introduce the Tiger nut AKA Chufa and yellow nutsedge. If you are unsure why it’s called Tiger nut, you are not alone. We are in the same boat.

On closer examination, we can see that the color is dull yellow with tiny brown patches. Maybe, that’s why it’s called Tiger nut. It’s a common nut eaten as a snack in Africa. The grass grows wild but with greater market demand, it’s now cultivated. Sometimes the nuts are dried (for storage purposes) or sold fresh. There’s many varieties of the nut and in Nigeria for instance it is chiefly produced in the North.

Some health benefits of Tiger nut include:

1. Reduces blood sugar level

2. Acts as human aphrodisiac

3. Provides essential minerals

4. Its high fiber content aids digestion

5. Fights infections

6. Improves heart health, etc…

As you can see, Tiger nut is the total package. Get some for yourself, it’s a natural drug.