Muse: I wonder

I wonder why we pleasure in strife

Why we derive joy in profits

In expense of the dying earth

And why we must sell weapons

To cause more sorrow and pain


We chose paths of darkness and destruction

Even as Nature tries to guide us right

Now the greedy may sit at costly parks

Or peer at fine gardens from windows

But will see no damage their corporations do

Each time a hurricane or wild fires wipe entire species

We are all concerned with economics

Of land, labor and capital…

Even when these are the world we are destroying

The oceans slowly devour our lands

The foundations of the earth can not hold

Chemicals in the air mutate our diversity

We are consumed in seeking money

Day and night, industries smoke

And to we that are broke

We think that it is civilization

Hailing mass production

And our religion is money, more profit

In a world where pure rivers still flow


From waterfalls to little ponds and great lakes.

Beautiful colors of plastics showcase man’s coldness,

Coldness to himself, to fellow man and to creatures

Which must live, unfortunately with their tormentors

Even now, the creatures we share this place with

Know little about the causes of the looming doom

But I am convinced they are playing a part

To help keep the world safe and habitable

Sometimes I pray we don’t come to a point

Were we wear gas marks to communicate

And when we watch trees grow in an enclosure

Because they are the only ones left to see!


I am also convinced that the world goes round

And with it everything that founds themselves in her



This is no poem. I am worried. I fear for the earth with all these issues beclouding her. Global warming and her vices, wars, civil unrests, refugee issues, poverty, corruption, terrorism and Africa. I greet those corporations and individuals who see the need to devise means of sustaining the earths resources and reducing the impart of ‘destructive agents’ on our environment.

I am using the word we because the whole world is into businesses that in one way or the other contribute to our most pressing problem, the global warming. Urgent measures should be taking to save our only planet.

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