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Update on CoronaVirus in Africa

This is heart wrenching, what began as a joke is gradually escalating. Nobody is laughing anymore. When I got the updates I knew that we still have a long way before calm.

Closing state borders is not enough. African countries are finding it extremely difficult to handle the scourge with their poor economic status. Now the real show is unfolding we need to take things more serious.

There are people going about their business every day. Kudos to the police for arresting those who disobey the order. But we must tread lightly, I also saw on social media, a boy who died from gunshot wounds in Delta state. There’s no need for excessive force. People are trying to survive. It’s hardtimes and we must apply human compassion before punishment. It might be hunger that drove such person(s) out at the first place. We were hungry before the advent of Covid-19, so let the security think before leaping.

This morning I saw several nomadic cobblers walk across my street. I’m sad that these set of people are not restrained from movement. Why are they wandering about to mend people’s footwears when we, the clients ain’t moving anywhere? If the government is asking everyone to sit at home this must apply to everybody, I mean everybody safe from food vendors. Anyone can spread this virus!

Stay safe everyone. My prayers to Africa, Europe, America and rest of the world. Everything will make sense soon, have faith.

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