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Reflecting on the Sunset

There’s that feeling of nostalgia when the sun drift away from the hamlets, sinking, sailing through the clouds like a golden phantom, spherical like a child’s play ball. Sometimes when it’s hot we wish away the sun and when it’s cold we wish the sun’s heat could warm our land. It’s man’s nature to want balance but what balance are we bargaining for as our planet become warmer than usual?

Now beauty is Nature’s art, seen especially from the day’s end. This beautiful view of African sunset is typical and may excite you. However, reflecting on th natural artful piece, you will agree that there are unspoken words which the sunset may be passing (to us). Reflect calmly, but remember to consider means to keep this planet safe. Feel, enjoy and protect the beauty that you’re surrounded with.

Good night from West Africa.

#VisitAfrica #Saveourplanet #Globalwarming