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Your best is waiting

Your best is waiting

The world is a crazy place, you may agree. Crazy because kind or nice turns people off. Being kind or nice can get you used or betrayed. Humility is seen as a weakness. Well, if you ever felt rejected or ignored because of your kindness or niceness, please hang on. This short inspirational piece is for you.

Take a look at the image above. The tree seems to be alone but it’s not lonely. In an environment that seems out of place for it, it thrives. This can apply to people too. No matter where you find yourself always be you.

The beautiful thing about being nice and kind is that one have the power to be bad but chose not to. Perhaps it could be that the kind person have seen how corrupted and sad the world is. This power to make positive choice helps one keep thoughts and actions in check. Bad people can’t easily change to good overnight. So if you think changing your good self to suit the world is an option, think twice. A leopard can’t change its spots.

Don’t be like the rest. The right persons and company will find you or you will find them. Be unique, be different. Be you because your best is waiting.

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