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August Again

August Again
Ah, August again! My month of birth is one of sunshine and glamour! How fast times fly.

It’s already 12 months but last year’s August was a little bit dramatic for me. A few days after my birthday I started filing graduate school applications, one in Nigeria, and two abroad. Unfortunately, the academic strike in Nigeria cancelled my plans to study at home. One of my applications abroad was a huge success. Yes, it was! But I spent sleepless nights reading, preparing, and editing essays. I connected with people who will play a big role in my acceptance to college and I was helped by prayers, wishes, and financial and mental support from family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances in my effort to complete a comprehensive application. I don’t want to give many details yet. But I’ll share this story soon. As I mentioned earlier, it’s a huge success story! So please stay tuned.

New Month Wishes
Dear friends, in 7 days I’ll be a year older and I’ll be starting a new journey too. If you would like to ask me some personal questions, please drop them in the comment box or you can contact me here. I’ll answer on my birthday. Anyway, I’m excited and I promise that this new journey would be fun. I’ll share my experiences. Thank you for your support and love.

As usual, I wish you a blessed and beautiful month. May the sun shine in all you do. May good weather, glad tidings and happiness be part of your August and beyond.



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