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Man and Nature

Indeed, man had been nature’s worst opponent. The impact of man’s activities causes a lot of harm to nature. Logging, mining, drilling, fishing, hunting, plastics, and more contribute to our polluted and darkening world. While we seek to light up our future egos, we end up darkening the possibility of sustainability.

In one of my post-birthday posts, I vividly disclosed how nature goes about doing its goodwill duty, while man, the beneficiary continues to wreak havoc on his environment.

In this poem below, my concern remains the same.


It is pleasant to sit in the greenwood,
to watch the sun in her chariot of gold,
and the moon in his chariot of pearl.
Sweet is the scent of the hawthorn,
Sweet are the bluebells that hide in the valleys,
and the heather that blows on the hill.
Yet love may be better than life,
I ask can the heart of nature be compared to the heart of man?


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