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Beautiful Blossoms

Beautiful August my favorite aura

Large fruit trees blossoming around the countryside form a flower shelter, which also provides a spectacular view. The rains had gone for a break, stream and river levels recede. It’s August break.

I noticed this morning, the petals were on the verge of blossoming. Now I must wait for handsome flowers. The blossoming trees create green, purple, and red shades that cover up the light blue sky. They don’t do much after that, they don’t say much either. Nature goes about doing all it has to do for man without altering or expecting anything in return.

I guess as I’m getting older, I now recognize the beauty of nature. Nature has shown pure love, not one that remains attached or possessive but one of generosity and inclusion. This love is even reflected in the fruits that would soon be served to us. No matter how bad we treat it, nature strives to return life to us.

We must learn, we have to learn to treat our environment right.


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