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Let Love

Power Of Selflessness

The truth is, without love no valid progress can be made. It’s surprising to learn how powerful love is and how this power can change the world we live in. Consider that governments can sign humanitarian pacts and withdraw from them at the last minute or if offended, women and children rights can remain violated, and greedy enterprises can keep on profiting without giving back. The underlying component lies between greed and selflessness. Let’s presume that man in this blog post infers several forms such as governments, corporations and all human beings (children, men or women).

Here’s my equation that attempts to explain selflessness:

L = S (KH + C + P² + G)
S= Selflessness
K= Kindness/Humility
C= Compassion
P²= Patience × Peace
G= Goodness

Selflessness is a very important facet of love. Love is selflessness conveyed by kindness, goodness, patience, endeavouring to live in peace and compassion.

I’m sure that when love leads, man thinks less of himself and more of his neighbour and environment. I know that man will respect other forms of life. I’m convinced that love is a form anyone can attain when mirrors of self are broken.

Now for the muse below, I’ve originally scrambled three words; let love lead. Each word communicates a ton of things. Moreover, the three words can stand independent while demonstrating selflessness. In tonight’s stunt, I’ve tried to rhyme each line with /d/. You’ll notice that every word in each line starts with the same alphabet. The /l/ for the first, /t/ for the second and /f/ for the last line. What do you think?

It’s bedtime in West Africa. Good night.

Let Love

let love lead
three terms tossed
fare first freed


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