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Sun rays

Tall tree canopies,
Sun rays filter
Morning their phantom

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Haiku: Home

Night fall dreams
A ride through moonshine
Home may tell tales

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Haiku: I touch the sky

Clouds mock me
Yet I touch the sky,
I have no wings

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Haiku: Happy Hawk

Happy hawk surf,
King of blue clouds, wind
While silence look on

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I see you here by Arunav Barua

Make your presence felt,
No you, happiness withheld
Complete, with you here…

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(c) Arunav Barua (I.I.T Guwahati, North Guwahati, Assam)

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Starry Night

Stars sing your herald
Cold night, crickets quiz
In quietness I lay alone

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Galaxies shine,
Cloudy night they belong
Sea breeze play with waves

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Wait on the Stars

Night is falling,
I wait on the stars
To tell a tale or two

Africa Nature Pastoral Poetry

Haiku*: Two snails

Two snails approach rail tracks
Skies are grey
Train horns afar

Africa culture/tradition Nature Pastoral Poetry

Haiku: Sunset

Fast the sun traveled away
Happy birds fly home
When evening breeze came

Africa Nature Pastoral Poetry

Haiku of the Harmattan

Green things are brown
Harmattan made them so
Even trees turn mad dancers

Nature Poetry

Haiku: Sunlight

Sunlight rays peep through leaves
Playful squirrels own the branches
Mushrooms sit amused when nuts fall

Africa Nature Poetry

Haiku of the night 3

Airy evening for all tree dwelling fellows
Sparrows sing, Robins bass as crickets chirp
Two happy lovers sit listening


Hello everyone. I promised to post more about my hometown. I’m having issues uploading images, so I’ll do that once I’m back to town.

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A haiku of the night 2

Soft wool, fluffy pillow, starry night
Three fellows bidding a shepherd sleep
Crickets sing from cracks in the wall

Africa Pastoral

Haiku: Tropical Fantasies

Sun rays, sea breezes; gold and blue fantasies,
Twilight muse from clouds when evenings approach
Noisy monkeys play beside the raffia palm forest


The Forest’s rhyme

Even before mists and dews evaporate
The green forest was awake, tending to her residents
But the cold iron snake will have none of her benevolence

Africa Nature Pastoral Poetry

Haiku: Tides

Sunshine, blue skies and approaching tide
Brown crabs crawl away, walking sideways
Amused egrets follow, escorting their trail


Haiku of the Morning

See these sparkle of gold
Brew bubbles across the clouds,
While they sail away to other lands


The Baobab

This is for you humble castle, beautiful succour and living citadel,
You whose roots are soft seats; you who shelter ants, mushrooms and birds,
Your leaves are shield from rain, you are a friend to all that may come


As we read through, let’s remember to play our role in protecting Earth’s vegetation and trees.


Haiku: Smiles

Smiles are colorful dresses,
Bright are the clouds that sail by,
Brighter are lips that wear loving smiles


Image by Botlhale Nyandeni


Haiku: Sunset

Grey shades fall on the land, fast travels the sun through the clouds
Songs of slumber, dog barks, the airy evening’s last memories,
Time to wake all night creatures, crawling or walking


Haiku: Smile Beautiful Flower

Smile beautiful flower
Let your tissues and petals
Bring warmth to all that see

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Haiku: Searching the Flames

The unhappy hawk search the burning bush
Folk say she was scouting for her old granny,
But an escaping rabbit caught her attention instead

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Haiku: The Wind surfs

How happy, the wind surf the sea!
Bending double to strong waves,
To escape the doom before her


Twist and Turns

Twist and turns, that’s the song of life and the road
But crawl, walk, run towards those brown hills,
Dust shall become a dress or a travelling companion

Nature Pastoral Poetry

Haiku: A Summer Walk

Take a summer stroll down the green bush
Find three squirrels play by fallen tree logs
Splash! A frightened frog jumps into the quiet pond


Teach me to Love you again

For our love’s memory
I cherish your love dose,
Your care and your beauty,
Each time the swift sun rose
Gracefully, I recall our hopes…

But the candle light dwindles
And I miss you, now that it faints

Teach me to love you again
Embrace me when I fail;
The hugs, cuddling, I’ll relearn-
For this promise won’t go ill
And our efforts won’t flop…

Now genuine affection will rekindle
Our fire, slowly we’ll retake all we lost


A Haiku: Pepper Crags

The world sat on pepper crags

The pain that came and went

Hunt the rest that sat beside her


Okechukwu’s Haiku

The night came and went, but we are awake to Gods call
Though the night brought darkness and bricks of wall
To everyone, men and women, great or small
Yet the love of God wakes with us to perfect us all

Good morning from Africa!


Haiku: Hope

There shines a chain of stars, lined up the
night sky
Glittering to the quiet and queer custom; a perfect night style
Lighting up the hill top; a spectacular view of these forested lands
Let’s hope on Divine providence; it will never forsake our hands


Haiku: Farewell

Memories and tales will be told
Hopes and dreams, in shield
And all will pass into legend
If our paths ever pass again


A short Psalm

When I found Your light amidst the darkness, it made my life so beautiful
Up the mountains, down the valleys, in the hamlets and in towns
The nights bring her blanket upon me, making my heart faint
The cold feast upon my flesh, making me shiver and cry out
But Your Providence surpasses all my loneliness, it brings me bread and wine
Let me drink from Your cup and dine with You on Your majestic table
And take me to a place where my eyes will see the beauty of Your love


Haiku: Vain

Tonight it all became clear that the end was near
All seemed absurd and unnecessary vain here
The Earths’ toil, the men who strife
Asking what is the essence of life?


A Psalm, again.

For the consciousness come thither to my weary
The light shining upon the shades of my life
The hope and love burning above all, in my heart
I say Thanks Lord!


Haiku: The Bridge

What is more beautiful than to build bridges
To bring two different worlds together
To bring in two nations to one embrace
To bring land over a wide spread of water?


Haiku: God Everywhere

On the day that breaks forth
On the blue clouds up the skies
On the surprised stare of an infant
There is God everywhere


Haiku: Love

When there was love
I saw the white clouds
Clear like the sweet spring
Leaping in joyful haste


Haiku, from The Descendants of The Rainmakers

Say Hoolarliboe
And with words
We could make
Somethings beautiful


Haiku: To A Heart That Beats My Rhythm

Now I dont know why
Why I am so fond of you
How my nights go by
And all I do, I think of you


First rains- Haiku

Rain in Ovim!
Cool Winds
Mild air
Dark Clouds
Here and there,
Swooshing trees

I think I should my head lay for a while!

Ovim is my hometown, just arrived from the busy congested city.