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Art: Ruhige Nacht

Ruhige Nacht

Variety is the spice of life, they say. So I’ve decided to give this blog post a title in German. If I was proficient in the language I would love to write the entire blog post in German. Ruhige Nacht is Quiet Night in English.

If I was a European, I would be a German. This is because I’ve always been a German in my boyhood games. In this unusual game, my siblings choose the countries they are from. I settled for Germany. The truth is we’ve never set foot in countries we picked, so I can’t say exactly the origin of my love for Deutschland. Let’s assume nations were girls, I still yearn to go on a date with my childhood crush. Haha!

Without further ado, I’ll like to illustrate the concept of my latest creation, ‘Ruhige Nacht’.


I love writing and painting natural things; you should have noticed this from my art.

In Ruhige Nacht, I attempted to colour a night illuminated by natural lighting. There are uncountable stars, the lone moon and a generous yellow and green river is flowing below (where in the world are rivers green and yellow? Oh, I know – right here in my imagination and painting).

The choice of colours is attractive. The pitch-black background is intimidating. The brown represents the soil, some fertile valley, kind of. I can infer that my mind was pushing for a painting of the quiet countryside, with an abundance of colours and vigour. I was too excited about the idea of sharing with you guys that I didn’t think I could work further on the painting. It’s perfect to me anyway. This is my contribution to impressionism. I hope you’re impressed.

In my excitement, I nearly forgot to mention that this piece of painting is dedicated to my siblings and the games we played when growing up and to my country crush, Germany. Maybe someday, I’ll see her in person. Good night everyone.


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