Short Story: True Beauty

the true beauty of the word beauty is felt when we see things differently…

One Word – Different Opinions

Everyone has a different notion about beauty. To me, beauty is a function of the heart. Beauty is everything that makes someone or a thing wholly pleasing, attractive, or acceptable. Hence, beauty goes beyond the physical. To some, it may just be things they see or feel; blue clouds, sunset, cornfields, white beaches, red lips, grey eyes, or moonshine which appeal to sight. These things are natural elements we feel or see. To another, seeing or feeling these things may represent nothing special. Everyone has a viewpoint. I can admire good-looking flowers that thrive by the roadside, while it may be a weed to someone else. But the true beauty of beauty is when we take and see things differently without having conflict. That’s what makes mankind unique. An Indian actor said that “Beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder.” I agree, but we won’t need a beer to understand the following story.

Short Story: True Beauty

I remember a picture story of a man and a girl sitting in a park. The first image characterized the man as ugly, dressed in an unbuttoned black shirt, ruffled hair, with all manner of rings, scars, and tattoos. The pretty girl was dressed in an angelic white gown with fine golden hair. Now both had one hand behind their backs so that no one could see what they held.

People admired this lovely girl (and oh my, she was cute). In the following image, their hands were revealed. The shabby man held a bunch of fine flowers and the pretty girl had a menacing knife. The second image made me have second thoughts on what qualifies as beauty. It was so easy to conclude that the man was dangerous and the girl an angel. The tables turned after the last picture. Physical looks can be deceitful, beauty is in the heart.


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