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No Competition In Life: A Cheetah’s Lesson

Cheetahs are the fastest land animals

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Direct your energy towards what matters


Although it’s in human nature to compete, yet competition sometimes can breed contempt and rivalry. When we understand that people are made of different personalities and talents, we won’t compare one another unless it’s for the right references.

The lesson from this short story is clear: don’t waste time trying to prove your value to anyone.

The Cheetah and The Racing Dogs

Once upon a time, racing dogs were put to compete with the cheetah, the goal was to find out which was faster than the other.

When the doors opened, everyone was surprised that the cheetah didn’t take a step out of the cage. People began asking questions and the race coordinator replied thus: “Sometimes trying to prove you’re the best is a waste of time and energy. Cheetahs use their speed to hunt not to prove that they are faster than dogs or anyone.”


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