Africa human rights opinion

Speak Up

Silence is not always golden

When it comes to caution and discipline, silence may be an adversary. Take, for example, seeing a kid who rides bicycles on the busy road and deciding not to warn him of the hazard. Also, consider not calling the police instead preferring to record or watch gang violence across the neighborhood.

Speak up, not when it favors just you. Speak up for the helpless, and the weak. Speak up because you have a voice and your voice may be the savior they are waiting for.

Speak up for the oppressed. Because if you don’t, you might be the next in line for the bullies.

Speak up when another man’s rights are violated. If he or she was human and treated inhumanely then everything is wrong. If things are wrong it’s time to speak up.

Do you know…

… the bad guys take the lead because the good guys aren’t speaking up? That the good guys are scared of saying the truth even when truthfulness is liberty?

Imagine what the world would look like when every good person in all corners of the earth starts to speak up against bad governance, terrorism, climate inaction, corruption, and other vices. The power grid will shift to goodness for good!

Let the world hear your voice. Let’s make it a tradition to call a spade for what it is. We’ll never know whose life we might be saving.

Just speak up today. Good night.


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