Africa proverbs quotes

Humanity First

The one who plants trees, knowing that he will never sit in their shade, has at least started to understand the meaning of life

Birds up the trees

There, up the trees, I saw several nests. I knew more were there because I could hear a multitude of birds chirping. Most of the nests were hidden in the thick foliage, while some hung carelessly on branches that swerved in the mid-day wind.

It was a quiet day, save from the birds doing their singing routine. It was a windy day too, and something tells me the birds are singing not just because of the pleasant weather but for the gift of trees.

Now some clouds scattered above, making the seemingly hot day warm. The sun was up alright, but the playing clouds restrained the heat. Also, the breezes that thrilled the treeline were entertaining and gave a decent aura. I guess the birds and squirrels above, mushrooms below, and insects in between enjoyed the warm weather as much as I did. April, the secretary-general of hot months, is gone, and that’s a good reason to rejoice. Hot sun or not, the fawns and myself are genuinely grateful for these magnificent trees.

Good People and Good Trees

I remember the good old days – the times I spent in the countryside. It was memorable. Those moments were all adventurous for me. I saw some wildlife, prevailed in an insect-infested village, and had some of my best quiet times up hills and under tree shades. Occasionally, I was scared of winged nasty-looking insects that crawled blindly up to me whenever I went outdoors. I had to push them gently away or let them have my seat as some of them were venomous. Some would investigate my phone light and, noticing it was unnatural, leave it alone or fight it. Anyway, it was fun living in a community that cared about trees. However, wherever you find trees, be sure to look out for an abundance of life – including all kinds of winged life.

In the countryside, I was never in short supply of trees as every compound I walked through had a couple or more. I have learned that in decades past, many people, men, women, and children, planted trees. That is so heartwarming. I’m grateful because they cared so much to invest in trees and to know that they might not live to reap from the trees. We might never know them, and for sure, they won’t know us as most of them are no more, but we enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Consider our initial quote, which has a meaning going beyond its literal definition. I urge everyone: to do good deeds, not for what we stand to gain but for the humanity in us, for the future succeeding us, and for what trees stand for. Will you let someone enjoy your goodness and fruitfulness in a decade, century, or millennia?

I speak in support of all trees and all good deeds❤.


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