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Rhyme: Pensive

What shall we say
Now at this delicate moment of May
That we stand on this wet clay
Watching the Sun leave the day?

Now the leaves fall and fade
In the streams, we quietly wade
And to our past, we solemnly bade
Welcoming the future which the Creator made

The dark clouds grow and gather
The wind starts her grim asunder
Along her path, she flings everything, people and paper
For the owners to come to find them later

How my heart jumps with joy “cos of you
Hued with the chimney best looks of soot
I dream I work and in all I do
Hoping to become someone excellent and new!

Now after the rain comes the happy Sun
The men throw the tent doors open
Like a new day, free and healthy is born
And can anyone decipher what the good Lord has done?


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