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What does it represent?

I’ve always wanted to write a piece on shadows. Please for the poem below I’m talking about the shadows of man. I’m amazed at its appearance and always had many thoughts in my mind. In some cultures, shadows are, sacred and elsewhere they are perceived as evil. These are all opinions of people. Many beliefs about shadows can make you roll your eyes or laugh out loud. Well, that would be another day’s post.

To me, shadows are neither good nor evil. They are only a reflection or representation of their owner. So it can only be good or evil when the owner is good or evil.

If we chose to look at it from another perspective, shadows can only raise their hand to do good or evil, hold hands, gesture and act when the owner does the same.


Shadows are illusion
Sometimes an imagination
Some shades hiding in the corner
Waiting to leap at ignorant men
But never have the courage to

Shadows are false
Lurkers and stalkers,
A fanciful distraction
A spy of some sort,
One who is afraid of the light

Shadows are mirrors
They act precisely as their bosses
They are evil or good as their bosses are
For they only have a master
The person who they follow

Shadows are what we call it
It’s fear to many
It’s insincerity

Like the lightning
Casting images upon
The ends of the earth


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