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Which Way Nigeria?

My Fatherland

What a beautiful country Nigeria is. This glamorous country has got it all – rivers, deserts, rainforests, savannah, highlands, mountains, and every geographical feature you can think of. It is the most populated African nation, with most black people on earth. Nigeria is known as the ‘Giant of Africa’ – the cultural diversity is second to none. Nigeria can become a global leader as it is endowed with enormous material and human resources. Nigeria is a wealthy nation by all standards. The land is arable and can produce enough food for export, the people inventive that some of the world leaders in medicine, science, arts, music, sports, and every human endeavour are Nigerians, but corruption and lousy leadership has eaten deep into the national fabric and had sabotaged her economic growth and development.

Which way Nigeria? Which way to go?
Tell me; I love my Fatherland, I want to know – Sonny Okosun

Those are the words of a late Nigerian songwriter and singer. In the ’80s, Sonny Okosun sang, ‘Which way Nigeria?’ I was just a little boy then. Several decades later, we are living in his fears for Nigeria. Now the lyrics of his song make more meaning to me.

A lot of adverse events are happening in the country at the moment. If you’ve got a moment, please put Nigeria in your prayers.


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