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Earth Day: Doing What Is Right

Every day should be designated as Earth’s Day

Indeed, I acknowledge that today and every other day should be proclaimed as Earth’s Day. Not just as the planet which harbours life, but as a reminder to treat it with more respect.

There are so many ways to treat the earth right. But one thing is knowing what is right while another is acting on or doing what we know is right. The dilemma is that many governments, corporations, agencies and other stakeholders do not want to adhere to commitments and international agreements. However, everyone has got a role to play if we’re going to get things right. While we wait for governments and corporations to act big, we can start doing the right things in little ways. We have significant and vital roles to play. We can all start small.

So what is our role in making the earth greener? I’ll list a few: proper waste disposal, reforestation and use of clean energy.

The Earth will treat us exactly the way we treat it

Consider the awry image and my italicised quote above. I think that the earth is already returning our favours. Today we report more earthquakes, hurricanes and forest fires. In many areas, fertile lands are parched. Rivers are drying up, and the sun heat is becoming unbearable. We have names for these disasters, but one thing is sure, man is a significant patron of them all.

Our activities had contributed to the disasters we encounter today. We know this; it’s everywhere – in the news, in books and documentaries, and even before our very eyes. Africans, Europeans, Americans, and Asians have contributed to the unfair treatment of the earth in one way or another. We use fossil fuels, destroy whole forestlands and go on with seeking and living off the earth’s material wealth even when it’s unnecessary. Hence, it must be a collective effort to salvage what is left of our dear planet.

This blame and tit for tat games played by governments and corporations should be stopped. This greed to own the earth at the expense of our future generations must stop. This lust for wealth and more wealth must stop. If none of these is stopped, then we are heading towards stopping our future generations.

It’s no more news that countries dump their toxic wastes, plastics and other harmful substances in oceans, seas and rivers. Man has created so many things that he doesn’t have any choice but to discard the same end-product anywhere he feels like—deplorable behaviour indeed. What goes around comes around. If not now, in the future.

First things first, we must accept that we are all guilty. Then, we must endorse the challenge to do things right wholeheartedly. Hopefully, from there, things will take a decent turn. In summary, the first point of action is not to accept to do but to do what we have got to do.

Lastly, I conclude that each day offers us an opportunity to do things right. Let’s start now to treat the world right.

I wish a fulfilled life to everyone on this year’s special Earth Day. Live and enjoy the beauty all around you.

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