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Muse: Night Memories

A silent evening
The sun is asleep
And the night awake
With it, every creature of the dark
Burrowing rats, squeaky insects, and birds
Country, radio music, dark mists
Sweet breeze, lightning, wilderness,
Fading fire, lonely happy moment,
Where all memories flock

There’s a brewing rainstorm,
Right from rumbling clouds,
Shrieking crickets and night flies
Alert the wingdom of downpour
Hovering long-eared bats support
By confirming the storm ahead

I fiddle with a small keg
Of alligator pepper juice
Straight from the hot stove
To keep the cold wind at bay

Shadows of trees bend
Towering over the night
Leaves of the mango tree
Cast streaks of moonshine
To form irregular golden figures
Upon the dry sandy ground
Sometimes it’s the shape of monks
Or a herd of cattle hurrying
To the green, grass-filled valleys
Creating one huge fantasy for
Man, his dreams, and glad pawns

How blessed I’m to have this great passion
To create images of hope, love & satisfaction


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