‘Sunny’ April: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Ah, sunny April, you remind me of many things. You remind me of love, awful weather, happy moments, and good food!

The Good 🙂

It’s usually an all-weather month, the sun rises, but the next minute it’s raining heavily. With the coming rains, and the dust left behind by the receding harmattan there’s enough soil nutrition. The greens love this month, and so man may expect a lot more nuts, roots, fruits, and vegetable supplies. Early morning sun suggests daylight vitamin C therapies. It’s a perfect month for ultimate stay-in-the-house-garden sunbathing.

It’s also a month of cultivating and harvesting. Some farmers prepare their land while many more are already gathering. As a hot month, April is the month to introduce new dishes to the table as many seasonal foods are in abundance. When the unfriendly sun is up there, many enjoy the comfort of tree shades and quick river baths. Now tree shades and cool river baths are fantastic.

The Bad 😒

The hot sun has got a way to decorate both people and their land. It paints people’s faces red and leaves them sweaty and dehydrated. Hence, April is the month that people consume more liquids. The clouds’ beauty is seen when it’s shining, but no one dares stare directly at the hot sun. The midday sun reveals how high hills are and how short a man is.

As for gardens, they flourish with life; ants, beetles, rodents, and everything that helps man consume his crops. Many bad guys in the garden indeed. Hot sunny days are void of handsome singing birds; only mischievous reptiles enjoy every bit of it. They commandeer the lonely country roads. How awful.

The Ugly 🥴

It’s a month that people make a lot of mistakes too. I’ve seen someone address a stray and prankish monkey as a mysterious kind of dog. A honey farmer tried to calm himself from midday heat by removing his protective gear, but the angry bees knew better.

Indeed, I’ve read a couple of instructions twice or thrice when it was monstrously hot, and it wasn’t like I offended the sun by sitting inside the house. So many people knew about April’s mistakes and did excuse those who goof. By the way, it is the first day of April designated for fools. Aha, here’s a happy Fools Day wishes to everyone!

Stay amused and happy nevertheless.


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