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Muse: A Tree House Dream

I hope that mankind will one day understand completely that trees are our life

Trees are beautiful. Tree shades are my favorite hiding places. The hot noon sun makes me seek these shades where I find extreme relaxation and comfort. It’s quite a delightful thing sitting under a group of trees, on a sunny day, writing, reading, or drawing. Indeed, trees are splendid!

Growing up as a kid, I always dreamt of living in a house of trees – you know, a modest house amid a forest somewhere where trees are respected and in plenty supply. A piece of land where the rigors of man-blight are yet to spoil. A canopy created by nature herself and if Providence would be kinder, a flowing stream of fresh water. A treehouse library away from the house where I can spend time alone, reading, and reflecting will be nice too. The thought about having a treehouse library prevailed because of my love for birds. I think studying in one will be inspirational. I can imagine what it looks/sounds like reading a good book with soft singing birds tweeting from nearby nests.

I also thought of deers and antelopes grazing up and down the hill while the morning mists surround the treeline. Practically, everyone may assume that I’m dreaming of building a house in a forested safari park, indeed that is not far from my intentions. However, words alone can’t explain how I feel about vast forested spaces and how I love to live in one.

As the world celebrates this year’s International Day of Forests, I ask all my friends to keep in mind that these woody angels are our lifesavers, thus their survival should mean a lot to us.

In summary, I’m convinced that man can reforest the earth in such a manner that all; mankind, beasts, birds, and trees will be happy and safe. Good night.


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