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Dear woman, I smile when I recall what you depict, who you are and the peace you represent.

Woman, life-giver

A grand masterpiece of nature,
Life bespoke of elegance,
Of glamour, a living golden statue

Fear what it could be
When life has no she
When we assume maybe

Woman, lover

She brings peace to souls
An essay worth more than gold
Shiny as the melted silver

Woman, peacemaker

Drums far away may speak of conflict
But she wins battles with spoons and pots
She is the grandmaster of home arts

Woman, protector

Like the hen fending off hawks
She safeguards her offsprings
She raises a village with her wisdom

Woman, caretaker

She learns the pain of life
She provides vigour to all
Her life is full of hidden scars

In all these, she is a gem coated by rock
A superhero to those who realize her worth
And a blessing from mother nature


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