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Happy Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day in my local church, Methodist Church Nigeria. I had published this piece a year ago and here is a revised one. My words alone can’t express my warm feelings for mothers. I had been raised by amazing women who taught and still teach me in one way or another. This amazing gift and love for storytelling and folklore survived because of my aunt and granny. This is just one of many reasons I’m showing my gratitude to women.

So join me to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to my lovely mom – Helen Iroegbu, to all women who had contributed to my progress, to potential mothers, and all who see that the world becomes a better place. Also to mothers on my blog, I celebrate you. You all will continue to be our first loves.

Dear Mother,

Love is a beautiful journey in your eyes,
You toil all day to feed our hungry selves
And got to eat only when we’re satisfied,
You, our first teacher, lover, and citadel
You are a hero, you are our truest hero!

Your love is restraint and inspiration
Like the hen, sheltering her chicks with wings,
You teach our hearts the world’s rhythm

I sing this for you, in my heart every time;
Mama, you are a hero, you are surely my hero!!


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