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Fantasy: On My Word

My heart drums a familiar beat
Each time my pen starts to work
All nature gather at my feet,
Little crickets swishing for more space,
Shadows of ants behind the candlelight,
And light-craving moths that crouch on my touch

Cold wind makes me restless
It flirts with my candlelight,
Which dance wildly in a waltz
Breathless when the invincible wind lets her go

I taste the last drop of hot ginger tea
The cup reminds me of many things
Of me, a sleepy herder of letters
Drunk to wine brewed in my fantasy

I travel away with this gift
To listen and live and love

Yet in these words of mine
Cricket hisses are like that of roaring lions
When ants move they thunder like marching elephants

The merry wind is my in-law
Blowing away lyrics on my paper
Happy to marry my candlelight!

I’m on my word – away from the world


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