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Anatomy of Action Challenge: Day 2

It is the 2nd day of the Anatomy Of Action challenge, and today’s action point is focused on using all our food. So I’m going to talk about how we can use all our food to avoid waste.

Part-time farmer

I spent half of last year’s yuletide holidays on the farm. The farm is more like a giant garden because it’s just behind the house, and I need no stress to get to it.

The yuletide was a time of celebration. Many relatives and friends arrived for the festivities. It was the norm in every home to prepare a lot of drinks and food for visitors. Therefore, in such settings, it’s fraught with having a lot of leftovers from meals. I always take the extra to the garden behind the house, as it is manure for my crops. In summary, organic waste could be turned into compost to grow crops, reducing chemical fertilizers’ dependency.

I also observed that it’s typical to put excess organic food on tilled farmland in my hometown; such leftover food is barely thrown away. So it’s an ongoing tradition that needs more encouragement.

Also, surplus food can serve as feed for livestock and pets. Domestic animals like goats, cattle, pigs, sheep, rabbits, and even dogs can eat some of our surplus food. Pig, in particular, can consume most of what we eat.

It’s time to act. We can reduce thrashing food on dump fills. Instead, we can use it to our benefit, as every wasted food can cost man and his environment many things.


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