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What 2020 Taught Me

Failure Is Not Final

“What did you learn in 2020?”

That is the big question for everyone. So I’m going to share a bit of what 2020 taught me and how I have evolved into a resilient individual.

Indeed a lot had transpired this year; wars, disasters, locust infestation, Brexit – EU trade issues, MAGA, novel coronavirus, US-Chinese tit for tat economic warfare, global anti-government protests, racial and gender equality campaigns, and recently Trump’s electoral defeat and the Israeli-Arab peace signings. You will agree that 2020 has been a tough one, and some of the subjects mentioned above contributed to that.

Even amid the chaos, I have learned a lot. I evolved into part-time human rights and environmental activist. I became more courageous to advocate for human rights, good governance, quality education, and youth employment in Africa. Instead of withdrawing into my shell when things go wrong, I spoke up.

I became a man too. I have, with the help of other family members, nursed my sick sister and witnessed her last days on earth. I saw her being lowered down six feet below, realizing it was a final goodbye. I remained positive and strong in times of adversity, and this gave others hope. I have assumed responsibilities I never dreamt of and helped many people in my little way.

I also improved my writing skills, made excellent networks abroad, and broke out from a portion of the introvert cocoon. I took up the sole responsibility to start a blog for my church messages. I currently volunteer to help human rights organizations and other NGOs. I taught some friends and students how to start a blog and use it to live meaningful lives. I’m equally available for any legitimate virtual work. Thanks to the novel coronavirus that contributed to the changed work standards, I can work remotely.

Generally, the pandemic taught everyone a lesson or two. For me, I acknowledge that owning a business is prudent. Many firms could not afford to pay their staff during the pandemic, so they laid them off or applied cuts to their salaries. Even though some businesses couldn’t survive the time, but many did come out stronger. Those who failed could take a lesson too. Also, the pandemic had shown that what the world needs are talented and creative people. We could see how industries and organizations raced to find solutions to the myriad of problems that surfaced this year. Face masks, vaccines, alcohol-based disinfectants, and more were produced en masse to curb the spreading virus.

In a few hours, the year will be over. I’m also aware that in some parts of the world, it’s already January 2021. I have a piece of advice for everyone; lay aside your doubts and fears. It’s time to start afresh. I will see you in 2021!

Let’s make this wish together for better things to come. What has 2020 taught you? Delightful New Year everyone 🙂✨


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