Happy New Year 2021

A new year is like a blank book, and the pen is in our hands. It is a chance to write a beautiful story for ourselves. Happy New Year.

It’s midnight West African Time, and January 1st, 2021, is finally here. Let me start by wishing you that is reading a Happy New Year.

Amid the fireworks, I stare up the still-dark skies. Everybody is celebrating the new year. It’s beautiful up the hill, not only for the pretty colors from fireworks but the floating fog that masks the moon momentarily. Some clouds are darker than others, yet the stars glitter even in the darkness. This new year is favorable and optimistic despite all that happened last year; that’s the cloud’s clear message.

Uwaoma hill stood like the giant it was. A titanic towering over the valley and her inhabitants. I’m familiar with the community that surrounds me. The beautiful colors displayed from exploding fireworks remind me of my childhood. The skies tell stories, stirring, nostalgic feelings. I touch the skies with my hands raised. As a religious person, I feel and worship the presence of a Supreme God. Indeed, the new year is a time of gratitude and reverence.

My small village is usually quiet, but tonight it’s a different story. Everybody seems to be awake to partake in the new year welcoming. I meet people on my way back from the crossover service. It’s pleasing to greet and wish every passerby: a Happy New Year.

To you, my followers, and colleagues, I hope you have a fulfilling new year. I thank you for your likes and comments. I am grateful to have your support. Let’s do more this new year.

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