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Thank you

I feel better today. I think the malaria and stress is gone. I’m ready to start work again. Can anyone recommend a good editor and publisher? I’ve a drama and some short stories I’m considering to publish.

Thank you for your likes and support.


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Ah Ana. I still feel so inadequate as a writer. I have 7 manuscripts I’m planning to publish and wrote them some many years ago! Okay do you have manuscripts too?


2,000 pages, my brother.

I come from a day before the internet, though. You have no idea what we had to go through, and end up with not a single reader for all that trouble.

Every pair of eyes that sees your work is a whole universe. Never forget that. Do not let what you don’t have eclipse your joy and gratitude for what is yours now. The rest will come. Or not. It is not up to us.

Your writing is the very opposite of inadequate — you can tell by how hard the minions of our dying power-over structure try to keep you from knowing that. But knowing it is the key to everything, and I’m telling you it’s true.

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There are many, in quite a number of themes, mostly poetry, some prose. For a story series on which I am working, go to my siye’s search bar and ask for “Me and the Monks.” Some of them have been run more than once, but there are about ten of them so far. Enjoy!

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