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Don’t Cry

Now listen dear child, listen attentively
To the forested hills, for they are your ancient brothers
To the birds, they carry gossip and might have answers
Watch the sunrise and sunset from tree branches
Search the valleys too, let your eyes behold our land
Feel the flowers with your finger tips
Smell the caking dust after the rain,
Feed your eyes with all that is left of here
And when- if you dream of other peoples’ land,
Remember you have a beautiful homeland!

Your father went to fight in the war
Last I saw him march, without a bye
The glory became pain,
You are what is left of him and I’m worried for you
Remember not to treat your woman and land so,
For there are other ways to be brave than guns


For my grandfather, Late Mazi Chinyere Abraham Duroha
World War 2 Veteran.

(God rest his soul)

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