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Peace: Declare war on War

Let storms clap and rain fall heavily
To wash fields free of blood & grease
Let snow clog boots & war machines
Let air blow deadly fighter jets off
So darkness may turn to green fields & blue skies again
Let the world know undiluted peace
When Nature declares war on War!

I pray for peace in our lives, communities and societies, and in all nations on Earth.

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Modern Chaos

Untarred dusty roads, free wind beat
Ancient hills hanging in the smog,
While heaps of trash greet travelers
Airy morning now, cheerful birds sing
Smell of gutted fruits and vegetables,
Markets swam with strange faces
Human stench overwhelm the breeze
At the distance, grasslands burn
Hawks descend upon thick smoke
As the fire lick the grasses away
Smell of a flowing stream nearby
Empty cattle, pig and sewage waste

Into wetlands and our minds to paint
A picture of nature in modern chaos

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Don’t Cry

Now listen dear child, listen attentively
To the forested hills, for they are your ancient brothers
To the birds, they carry gossip and might have answers
Watch the sunrise and sunset from tree branches
Search the valleys too, let your eyes behold our land
Feel the flowers with your finger tips
Smell the caking dust after the rain,
Feed your eyes with all that is left of here
And when- if you dream of other peoples’ land,
Remember you have a beautiful homeland!

Your father went to fight in the war
Last I saw him march, without a bye
The glory became pain,
You are what is left of him and I’m worried for you
Remember not to treat your woman and land so,
For there are other ways to be brave than guns


For my grandfather, Late Mazi Chinyere Abraham Duroha
World War 2 Veteran.

(God rest his soul)


Biafran Babies

I heard your songs soar through the thick forests, through the fields

But the wind hid the song, your voice and your face from the world

You were told to keep quiet, but if the hunger won’t let you from crying out

Daada will have to drop you, so that the soldiers won’t find our hideout

I hail thee children who saw the famine ravage our land

Those who stood watching their teachers and fathers march

To fields of no return, to early graves and destroyed hopes

We heard granny calling out to Daada, crying as she learnt he has gone

Gone to fight for his land, with bare hands and dummies for Biafra had no gun! 

We cry when evening fall and the sounds of machine guns halt

The canons speak, we hear them destroy our home and farmland 

Tomorrow Mama will visit the market, yes she will try to find food

Our belly hurt, they hurt so much that we ate raw leaves and worms, 

Mama told me to tell you all that if she wasn’t seen before nightfall

That we all should stay in the bush and must not return to our hamlet

I will not dream of walking back, our foot ache, the forest is our refuge

Now I am confused; there is still a lot of death up the hills

There is pain and frustration and hunger and stagnation

The rivers always bring the taste of blood to our drinks

Now I hear them bombs whistle: ‘Tau! Tai!! Tau!!! Leave here, Die there’! 

‘Dear Heaven! I call on You! Hear me, hear my babies! 

Will it end today? Will Daada ever come home to us?’

‘Why are they killing us? Why is there so much hate in Africa?’

‘Did we do anything wrong? Why must soldiers kill everyone?’

I must sob silently, I must not let the younger ones hear me

But they are all awake, with fright and tears in their little eyes

Searched me, catching  it all, the grief I tried to hide from them

I am sorry little ones, I am sorry indeed, my heart spoke

‘Did Daada start the fighting? Should we take some of our food to him? 

Daada must be very hungry wherever he is!’ Louise said

‘No he won’t want us near him or the soldiers

He will flog us if we ever try to, let’s just sing softly his favorite: 

Anyi no n’obubu agha
I bu agha megide uwa
Ya na Ekwensu
Ya na ajo muo
Anyi no n’obubu agha


*Daada:  Father

*Anyi no n’obubu agha

I bu agha megide uwa

Ya na Ekwensu

Ya na ajo muo

Anyi no n’obubu agha: 

We are fighting a war
Against the world
Against the Devil
And every evil
We are fighting a war 


The same issues that brought about the unfortunate war still play in Nigeria. The christians are being killed in the north and elsewhere. Nigeria, though wealthy sit as one of the poorest countries of the world. Biafra still seek to be independent and needs no war to achieve this. 



The tears of dying children
Is the lullaby of gunships
The desert is smeared with
Grease, oil and human blood
The days turn to grieving nights
But the world knew no sanity
And those who fight in the fields
Humanity eludes,
Life is a little less than a chickens
And yet we walk free across the border
Where is this United Nations, eh?
Are we waiting for the fire
To torch the globe before we wake?

Aleppo and Damascus is on fire…
Jerusalem is not safe, so is Nice
We lack potable water in Africa
And thugs are fighting in the Sudan!
The blood wasted on the desert
Of Libya and everywhere cries out
No justice, the law has failed us
Give me peace, take your war horse
We cry to God, “Oh Lord help me, save me”
But we look to our neighbor with deceit
Each day men travel underworld
Without their will they forcefully go
Would there be an army waiting,
An army to rise from hate of love
When all human kind is gone finally?
What is the cost of ‘peaceful’ love
If the cost of a gun and oil barrel is dear?

The tentacles of terror spread
Everyday the world goes dark
Why we build war machines,
The glaciers melt somewhere
The deserts take our arable lands
The Earth goes blank with each day
Yet five powers kept watching

Will there be another day
To see another bomb explode?
When shall we be freed men?
Stop this Syrian war right now!



Dear diary,
Night falls now…

The city is quiet
Save from toads
Out in the field
And wild crickets
Hiding on the walls

The distinct noises
Of a quarelling couple
Disturb my thoughts
Down on this bed,
I count the days work

There were strange clouds
Up the clouds today
There were tales in my mind
And a quiet time…
Each in different times

Brick walls of school
Playful kids all about
But hey, maths is important
So you must pay attention
Pythagoras, Guassian, Boyle

There’s a pile on my bed
ODM, Igbo bible, NIV, etc
Teachers Math guide, hmm
A feel of mental work

The streets…
And from the window
The bean-ball vendor
Hawk her products
Nothing really changed

The bank…
Fidelity, we keep our words
Okay oo, I heard you
Then: Have a nice day!
They shout after me

Okay, Teevee…
Flipping the channels
BBC, Brexit, Aljazeera, EU
Obama, Buhari, Ali, Trump
France, Syria, Biafra, Venezuela

Pick of cracker biscuits
Vit. C, Iodine, peppery soup
Some heavy carbohydrates
And a taste of garlic

The streets busybodies…
They stare always all times
Like very seriously?
You do see me pass
Thru here always, don’t ya?

And street again…
Went strolling and visiting,
Fascinated by the peace in me
Even though the world
Seem to fall slowly apart…

I wonder
What our world
Is fast becoming,
And why kids die in vain
While nations watch war films

But now I recall all
And hope for a better tomorrow
As I retire for the day!


Peace & War

“…Once we knew peace
And then a brother raised
His hand upon the other
The world was never the same again”

We wake to the sound
Of the buzzing bee
And the fine sight
Of green and clean fields
Loved ones smile and roll
On the sweet smelling turf
The airs blow freely
And all is sunny and happy
The clouds are blue
The birds sing for all
From the tall flowery trees

Now the streets go empty
The war machines are coming
Where will fall next?

Now we wake to the sound
Of heavy machines and bots
Trampling bulldozers and vans
And rockets waiting to explode
The fields are full of grease and oil
And even with patches of blood
Now loved ones cling to our hands
Tears for the dying world
Come to cloud peoples’ eyes
The last leaf fall from the tree
The world is no more free

What is the cost of peace
If we don’t understand the beauty
Of love and live, which we need?


Come this thunder, 1967

Come this thunder
When the nights glitter with explosions
The resemblance of fire-cracker carnivals
And as the rattling for supremacy
Is heard from heartless machine guns
Spewing the seeds of destruction
Upon unfortunate children and men
‘Kwaa-pu kwaa-pu kwaa-pu, unu dum!’
‘Leave here,’ the emissaries of death say
Flying limbs, headless bodies and chaos
Destruction to humanity and justice
But the world stood watching
As children turn pale, clutching
Hungrily to their protuding intestines
No salt, no salt, no salt!
Meanwhile the jets throw their bombs
Murdering defenceless people and clans
The infantry is filled with anger
Bloodthirst, frustration and revenge
And the world watched it all
It was an action packed movie

But let the fowl allow the worm be
No matter how they chose to live
For freedom is deserving to all people
Who desire it wholeheartedly

Line 8: Kwaa-pu kwaa-pu kwaa-pu, unu dum! An Onomatopoiea for the sound of heavy artillery and in Igbo meaning ‘Leave here, leave there, leave here, all of you!’

For the Biafran babies and Christopher Okigbo

Learn Igbo language here.


Flowers from the front


I found a flower on a dirt patch
This morning, as the sun rose
It looked a little sickly
It’s redness almost lost
And it shivered on the morning breeze
It told me about the dying world
And I had pity on it
The world is dying dear
Man and machines are helping her die
I had hoped to mail you this flower
But it’s appearance would prove my misery

Right now, I lay upon the ground
Watching as days go into months
And as my fellow men lay dead
The machines have no conscience
Only men who handle them do
But it seem we are connected now
Low conscience and no conscience
The fields are void of flowers now
The trees fall like gladiators in the arena
Hills are grounded by missiles
The pain from the scorching sun
And the tears of men slain
Come to me each moment of relieve
There are no consolation in a war
The field is littered
With man and machine parts
But do you see how beastly man can be?
I pray such memories come not to you

I will send you a flower
If I find one around here
If the war persists
The fields are filled with mud
And grease and even blood!
There is smoke everywhere
There is sorrow and pain too
i look up the trees
The leaves and nuts are gone
The squirels and monkeys too
All the birds had taken flight
All we are left with is bones and guns

Even as we crawl in this filth tonight
I hope to see a flower
One to remind me of our times together
One to speak of good men somewhere
And one to give me hope once again…

I am weary gun carrying,
I shall return to you soon
And we shall plant roses, red and green
For now, I wish I could just send flowers

War has no benefit. The world is faced with many problems already; global warming, earthquakes, tsunamis, poverty and illiteracy rates, food, energy and fresh water shortages. We could join hands together to savage what we can.



Tonight, we moan
For love that is alien to Earth
For the pain you bear
We cry for you Paris

For love, we weep
For thee mother Earth
For men’s ruthlessness
And the hatred that stays

Bombs, hate and anger
Humanity in taste for vengeance
Destroys the efforts of centuries past
And innocent souls made to waste

If we understand the pain we cause each other
Then we could fall in love again with ourselves
Let there be change and repentance
Let’s pray for care and love

For Paris in times of tribulation
When days turn nights
And when terror strikes the hearts of men
We pray and console

For Paris as she mourns her dead in the 13th November, 2015 attacks. May these souls Rest In Peace, Amen.



She lay in my arms
Quiet, whispering and thinking
Listening to the tune
Of the Pines outside
I saw the pain, the grief
The despair maybe from disappointment
Not sure of the future
I wonder, I search her
I look all about for a clue
Beautiful she is, just lonely
Wallowing in an unseen pain
How strange my attraction
Seeing her bossom rise and fall
Feeling the beat of her heart
And the unseen tears of the soul

She looked up then
Smiled, perhaps aware of my gaze
With no words she rose
Walking warily, painstakingly
Confused I followed her smile
And my gaze fell on her side again
Watching her leave, kicking
The door slowly with a moan

Then a crack of thoughts came
What manner of woman loves
Seeing the world torn apart
And peoples limbs blown up
Blood had become the color
Known to the world, death
War takes her children
And she can’t bear it again
The trees die, paper is made
Then the life we have slowly
Walks away from us…

Oiroegbu Halls




Let the rains fall heavily
Wash our green fields free of blood
Let snow cakes clog boots and machines
Let air blow off deadly jets
Let all darkness turn to life – green and abundance
And let Divinity bless us humanity
Let the world know some peace
Let Mother Nature declare war on War!
Oiroegbu Halls



Tomorrow looks faint
At times we wonder
What will happen next?
What if the stars fall?

Nature looks on, letting the rain
Wash the greases off the machine
The blood of blasted bodies and souls
And feeds all into the rivers

One wonders why infants
Are destroyed, not a chance given
A total future wiped off
Bombs hauled into houses, tears and sorrow

We are armed with guns
Drugged most times,
Seldom free of out ‘masters’
And always living by the gun

Why should I kill you?
Why should you kill me?
There’s too many pain to do that
All caused because we love not

The Earths vegetations burn,
The skies and homes burn
The last of our best grains too
And all exotics the Earth has to give

There’s pollution everywhere
We don’t care about the trees
We don’t care about the dying Earth
Of even the beauty of humanity

A prideful march of nationality
Across the waving hands of ‘loved’ ones
Encouraging people to grave acts
What gain will we make of this?

Listen brother, your attention I seek
Your enemy is not man or woman
Let’s fight our real enemies; deforestation
Desertification, erosion, global warming, diseases

Do you knot your hands in anger,
Do you know that all men are equal?
Beheading a fellow human
Goodness! But how do you feel?

How dare you point that at me
Did I steal your yam or corn harvest?
Why are you happy to see blood
Is human beings now lesser than chicken now

Oh mother do not throw away your child
Do not let him march to the fields
Teach him to love, to till the land
To tend the Earth God gave us

What are you, military men?
Oh I see, a cold heart grown
Power is in the hands of people with guns
Now the world they seem to own

The nights are cold in the hamlets
The rains had gone for the time being
But blood has been shed somewhere
In the fields and on the city

I wonder if you see this with me
That love has never dwelled on Earth
That we must love others unconditionally
That the humanity in us is all we got

Whatever happens in your arms
That had put fear and tears
In the hearts and minds of people
Then re-consider, make peace, create love

And when we recall all that has happened
Of all beautiful things we destroyed
Blaming this and that, religion, tribe or color
Then it comes for all to sit and love


Deceptive pursuits

As we walk the void called life
Wandering for things unknown
Walking on deep darkness,
Seeking much that others sought
Blending into all strange hues
Of hate, intolerance and wrath
Understanding no religion, believing in bloodshed
Fighting for some deity
Maiming, killing, bombing
And asking all questions why
Staying hard from stepping on toes
Getting muddled as the days goes by
Frustrations, blames and technology
Trying to fill the voids
Created by other souls
Taking anothers bull by the horn
Taking anothers bullet, willingly
Risking all ever labored for
All beautiful memories ever known
For pork in the fields
So even the green fields are black and red
With much grease and blood
As more wander for things unknown
Walking on deep darkness
On a very bright morning
With all Natures beauty calling

Dedicated to all inquisitive souls, all innocent people, kids, adults, youths, teens drawn to violence through deceptions and political propagandas caused by corrupt leaders in the world. I wish love could return and all manner of evil vanquished from Earths surface.