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Self-Control: The Fox and the Crow

How is everybody today? What are you guys reading for the weekend? I’m compiling a new reading list, anyone willing to share or suggest a book?

It’s almost bedtime here, but sleep can wait. I’m trying to study my guide to scholarship application.

I have this bedtime tale to drop before I retire for the night. Remember to share with young ones, for in this world of pride, selfishness and immorality, self-control lights the path of the prudent.

Vanity is largely a matter of Self-Control, or lack thereof. Others may try to feed our ego, but it is up to us to constrain it.

A coal black Crow once stole a piece of meat. She flew to a tree and held the meat in her beak.

A Fox, who saw her, wanted the meat for himself, so he looked up into the tree and said, “How beautiful you are my friend! Your feathers are fairer than the Dove’s. Is your voice as sweet as your form is beautiful? If so, you must be the Queen of birds.”

The Crow was so happy in his praise that she opened her mouth to show how she could sing. Down fell the piece of meat.

The Fox seized upon it and ran away.

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