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Thoughts on Teaching Math

Consider the first time you taught someone how to ride a bicycle or did any form of teaching. It wasn’t easy, was it? Teaching is a stressful job. Teaching math is much more stressful.

Math is in everything you do! Before trying to explain this, I make the students relax. Many students fear the subject, so that some jokes may put them at ease. I discuss the roles math play in their daily lives, how proper calculations produce good cooking, timely and efficient decisions, and even in choosing friends! These intros make them more interested. I also talk about the real-life application, drawing examples from solved problems. While Logic work for Legal Practitioners, Bearing, Longitudes, and Latitudes work for Pilots and Sailors. Simple Interest and Annuities work for Accountants, Bankers, and investors. One’s approach to teaching will either make the students interested in learning or put them off completely.

Creativity, flexibility, patience, tolerance, and kindness are qualities a teacher must-have. A teacher should have some sense of humor too. BTW 1+1 is not 3. It’s between 1 and 4.

I must prepare for Monday. Take care, everyone.


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