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Why I decided to let go

The title should have read “why it is necessary to let go“. I decided to use the title above because I’ve been betrayed, played and taken for granted by people I trusted and gave full loyalty to. So I’m a practical example and if you can relate, tag along.

Unfortunately, some people are good in playing with others’ feelings. They see nothing wrong with the way they treat others, so they don’t even know if they are hurting people or not.

I know there’s no perfection and we don’t always meet people’s expectations. But judging others too quickly, even before getting to know them will make you lose the vitality they might have given. Personally, I don’t judge people. I just feel that giving myself out to people may cause me hurt. This made it hard for me to trust even good people. But, I’m in process of change. Recently, I started spending more time with people, making new friends. I’ve met nice and wonderful people. My past hurts and betrayals slowly go away. Remember keeping people out of sympathy will continue to breed pain. So let go of anything or anyone that steals your joy or peace of mind.

If you love with no conditions, that’s beautiful and nice. You have a big heart. Don’t change it for the world. Don’t keep yourself away from loving. You can never know what waits for you in the next smile or hug you give. But you have to let go of the past and live in the present.

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