I Dream

I dream

Of you

You I knew not… 

I see the smoke mold your face, 

I feel your fingers pull my face softly away

To the sight where rivers met and fought

I feel the breeze whisper your names, 

Excitement won’t let me keep memory of it

And when I look up, it was just another dream

But I dreamt again

Of lands where young women wore bangles and jewellery

Dancing with all the soul and melody in them,

And when they danced they laughed at the lust-full men


I dream of the skies, 

To fly, to dine with the Eagles, to see the light from her source

To paint a shade which I have groomed for a thousand years

To taste the wines of Spain and sail the oceans of the North


I dream of a tale I must write, 

A journey of lore and the reason why it became true 

A mission to find the reason why I exist and live

And the reason why I must love you alone


Now I dream of caves and mountains, 

Each coming to me as a tale of you I must live to tell

The fragrances of roses which stalk-dead still smeared my palms

And when the sunset and hopes sleep for another day

I know for sure, I shall meet you and that then we won’t part anymore

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