Natures Tale: The Sun rays


Take a walk in the woods, 

Dive into the envelope of tall tree branches

Admire the tents that Nature erected

Savor the teasing of fresh airs

And watch the sun rays streak through the tree leaves

The canopy hides the shrieks and tweets 

Of birds and rodents 

Creepy amphibians croak out their hearts

The grasses waltzing with the soft air

Once a partridge called out

Deafening the peace the woods knew

The echo resound maliciously

Yet the sun rays can only file in to hear this

Bamboo trees stand guard piercing the sky

With their queer long sticks 

At their foot a nest of rocks lay 

Trickles of water drop quietly

Still beneath the bamboo roots

A family of brown crabs gather

Raising their pincers in funny displays 

As the sun rays streaked through the tree leaves 

Smell of mushroom rent the air breeze 

A busy hive buzz above the branches

And soft voiced birds sing from tree tops

A little further, a fall pushed off water

Casting them into a white pool 

Mother Nature washed her garments

And she sang with all voices of the woods

But the sun rays can only file in to behold her

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