Musing:  The Railroad 

Iron metal


Dragging through the dust

Like the snake, iron snake. 

Tracks lay ahead as far as our eyes go, 

Crawling through the urban and rural; 

The countryside with her quiet forest 

The township with her hustle bustle 

The clouds are free of you

They watch your snake lanes

Cockroach through rocks and tunnels

Leading the way to the future! 


Natures Tale: The Sun rays


Take a walk in the woods, 

Dive into the envelope of tall tree branches

Admire the tents that Nature erected

Savor the teasing of fresh airs

And watch the sun rays streak through the tree leaves

The canopy hides the shrieks and tweets 

Of birds and rodents 

Creepy amphibians croak out their hearts

The grasses waltzing with the soft air

Once a partridge called out

Deafening the peace the woods knew

The echo resound maliciously

Yet the sun rays can only file in to hear this

Bamboo trees stand guard piercing the sky

With their queer long sticks 

At their foot a nest of rocks lay 

Trickles of water drop quietly

Still beneath the bamboo roots

A family of brown crabs gather

Raising their pincers in funny displays 

As the sun rays streaked through the tree leaves 

Smell of mushroom rent the air breeze 

A busy hive buzz above the branches

And soft voiced birds sing from tree tops

A little further, a fall pushed off water

Casting them into a white pool 

Mother Nature washed her garments

And she sang with all voices of the woods

But the sun rays can only file in to behold her


When there was love

When there was love, I saw the cloud

Clear as crystal, like the sweet spring

Leaping in joyful haste to other lands, 

Oh happy water, hissing away, joyfully

Tumbling off rocks, falling from heights


Now I sit musing over the fast flowing stream

Two things wont ever come back, water and time! 


Musing: The Ostrich


To you my feathery friend, I write

In the greying fields, your fur I sight

Dangling by your sides are your wings

Your neck is up, for a long time you sing


Caw caw, caw caw those are your favorite words

The wind is your friend, the soil is your playground

The shrub is your hideout, to it you run for safety

Your legs are very strong, your claws are even deadly


In the evenings, the farm fields are your runway

You send stray rats and rodents scampering away

I am not ashamed of you having a bard head

But you my fluffy friend, you are a wonderful bird


In the morning your queer scent fill the farmyard

Your presence serves as scarecrow for our land

But to have you around, beautiful and tall bird 

Is a musing of its own, one that is absolutely good


Musing of a Lover

I have thrown caution to the wind, and when I looked back I caught you staring

Your smiles warm my heart as the suns mildness upon the Earth on summertime

The birds sing on the branches outside, to me it is a welcome song of you and your voice

The grasses around the Rose flower smell great, same with the hands that planted them 

I have eaten my olive loaf quietly, in my mind I bake recipes that taste of your love 

Why honey, candy, sweet things melts in the mouth, your love melts in my heart 

Now I have seen my knee, I must knee before you, I must ask for another smile

To you I love, for you I loved, and you yourself I will continue to love

I see your hair fall by your side, I see your mouth pout in joy, I feel my heart leap inside

Your touch of victory I feel in me, one desire which I wouldn’t forget in life

And when I shall set sail to the days when our youth shall fade like falling tree leaves;

To my memories of you I will go, to the acquaintances, felt and unfelt I shall relive

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The Rainbow, 1st


The rainbow is my favorite color 

Her beauty radiates upon the cloud

Dressed like a man wearing a talisman

Savoring the scent of the sweet airs, 

A mirage because the rain won’t fall after all

There sits the rainbow across the firmaments

Watching quietly, observing the rules of the airs

Belittling the heights of the hills and mountains

Shading the greenery with a new look of aura

One to be seen in a long while, a perfect acquaintance 

The green is spirogyric, fading with the suns heat

The blues are epileptic, exploding without remorse

The yellows invisible, trying to hide from the group

And the red, painful, like a heartbroken soul 

The colors mingle with one another, raising hopes

The green fields of wheat turn gold with time

The dirt path glowing each time the rain goes

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Another August Night, a birthday song


I hear the wind howl through the gaps again

Calling out, solemnly to the young evening 

I hear your name being sung, by the days rhyme 

Ten thousand voices; everything singing at the same time


Cold evening begat bright celebrations

Hopeful; boxes of joy, gifts from the heart

Green colors, smell of sweet vegetables 

Purple hues, flowers and nice fragrances 

Yellow and pink, cute dresses suggested

But orange is for you, when you blush 


And to end this little musing of mine… 

Let the Heavens remember your days song

Let your wishes come true today and always
I wish you a happy birthday… 

Note : Today the 16th of August, I pen this poem to celebrate a childhood friends birthday. I wish you a Happy birthday, Juliet Okoko. I wish you long life, prosperity and much more. 😊 Happy celebration. 


Musing: Countryside 




I am hidden in the thickly wooded forest land

Tucked away in a pocket of land in the countryside

Green paradise, constantly drenched in the Rain; 

The august visitor, which comes when she wills;

And desires to make the clouds dark, the day solemn

To keep the warmth from all the hamlet, farm and hill


The sun is hidden above the tree leaves and branches 

Underneath the woods; life goes on, life continues

The airs are sweet, amazing, a healing surge

Fires are made to keep the treacherous cold away

In clear contrast of it all, heat or cold, not to dodge

Admonitions, words, messages are never to go astray

For the countryside can be a darling or a demon 

A companion or a disaster, with or without

Tucked away in a pocket of land in the countryside

Just underneath the woods; life goes on, life continues 


The moon and night plays

Yells, cries of children disturb the nights silence
In the moonlight they dance, they play in the distance

Casting shadows upon the lonely tree’d pathway
Tumbling on sands, caring not for neither man nor scorpion
They make figures, people and tall castles of clay
Happily they yell, desiring nothing under the queer moon

Meanwhile the wind blow, the mosquitoes flee
Wild trees swerve like a mad reggae dancer
Children noises mix with the dancing windy trees
As the young night went black and darker


Musing: Halved, the Legend


Now I write you a piece of my heart tonight

In the growing Harmattan and her temperament

I am cut in two- I am halved in your Providence

One for your happiness, another for Your happiness


This piece of heart tells a tale of the sea folk

a story of survival, a war of loneliness and luck

Of a boy caught and taught by the sea, somewhere

A legend of the wild, of a land called Wawadomea*


Wawadomea: Imaginary place, Utopia


A muse: The Thunder and her nephew


When the thunder storm descends

The clouds rumble with a quake,

For the Earth and her companions

She cuts up a powerful link

Letting her much younger nephew

Take a solid images of the quiet world

Every other force goes on pause, on mute

While the two siblings enjoy their ride

Through the Earth, through dust and air!

The wind do their bidding

And if you have much hair

Find a shelter for a bad hair day is awaiting!


Strangely there is a thing between me and the thunder,

Between me and the rains that blow cold asunder

I feel attached to the feats which the storms achieve,

To the lightning which rode the wild skies and made a weave

Of shadows and cloudy stunts, here and there, black and grey

And to the end, does not care what people have to say

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Waiting for the Rain


We are baked in the sun

While waiting for the rain,

But now she remembered us

The clouds has been moody

and we knew she must surely cry

now she wept, throwing rain water

All over the little hamlet

Now I claim the first drop

And you claim the next drop

Oh look up and see the rains come

see the multitude as they descend

The sweet romance of this rain

wash off the stress and pains

of the days work and labor


and when it rains in Africa

After a long drought

we dance and celebrate





West African Discovery







I like you to blow out laughing

Turn around and see me make a face

I like to see you smile

The pains in my heart go soothed away

I want to see the curves of your mouth

dance to the lyrics of my daydream

But call me names if you would

Call me the Pigeon and his one dark eye

Call me Napoleon of the ancient times

Call me the smiley

Which pops up before your face

In the middle of our chat

Call me anything

But I don’t care

For I want you to smile always

Because you got me

And a face which is like that of a smiley



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Lions and Lionesses

Lions could be cute and cuddly,
But only without their teeth and claws!

They prowl the thick vegetations of Africa
And plains of South Asia…
With their manes as crowns
They rule the African jungle
They roar from afar…
And all tenants of the wild;
Deer, Elephant, Boar, Zebra
Wake to listen!

In the night, they set all ablaze
With eyes blood-shot
And paws ready to pounce
On any stray person…
They rule with clench fists
Crushing every opposition
Tearing opponents, flesh bones
And blood…

I always loved this cat, and thought of having to tame one as a pet. Are they not cute? Maybe not, when they are hungry. August 10th happen to be the Worlds Lion Day, so join me celebrate this exotic creatures of God.


Watch the sun rise

I watch the sun shine thru my window
Throwing me a familiar wink
And painting the curtain gold
Thru the city streets the lights glow
Like the color of brew which men drink
On all faces it shone, young and old

Day breaks again in the city
My heart long for something else
My dreams point to my calling;
A wheat farm and its serenity,
A pride of Lions in their lairs
Queer birds of Africa wailing

My heart is giving to the wild
I loath the noises of the city
The hustle bustle of strange people.
The twittering of birds are mild
It defined the inspiration in me
I am part of Nature, a true example

Africa is a wonder, a haven
I am given to Gods beautiful creations
My friends are what Nature offer:
Tridax, Drumstick, Marigold, Kenya, Bean
The Leopard, Hippo, Gazelle, Zambia, Lion
Waterfalls, hills, safari, ponds, all that are to wonder

Nothing compareS to this dream,
Let’s go find another land
Let’s go see what the Lord has for us!
The morning is handsomely warm
And the sun is scanning the land
A good day to ride, if I had a horse!

And someday soon, I’ll be there


Lullaby: Rain drums

Tap tap tap tap…
The first drops fall,
Look up, and see a battalion
Rushing down in haste
Scattering in multitudes,
Causing ‘chaos’ to the city
Splashing happily, joyfully
Upon all who dare stand before it

The night rains are nice
When they come with the wind-
With a very strong wind
It made my curtains dance mad,
Throwing up stray papers
And wooing my candlelight
Which drew a shadow on the wall…

Light are the rains upon the roof
Falling like a thousand little drumbeats
Smacking away, thoroughly the roofpans
Drawing nearer the sweet echos of sleep
Throwing rain drops on my window glass
And training the fatigued to acts of slumber

Like the Qasaqasa drums their beats fall
The rooftops tremble with those touches
Millions of them, hitting the roof tops
I am left to greatly wonder
Why the Rains drums are milder
The Winds feel on the skin softer,
Even as the raindrops fall and scatter
And throwing into our pots clean water
Straight from Heavens store house!



Here comes a month…

Fresh and blessed

With even a strike of rainfall

And the golden face of the Sun

Which delight, I call my imagination

The night will be as usual…

Full of cricket shrieks

And the love I always knew


I wish you a beautiful July

A happy new month to all my followers


Three Short Poems: The Stars, June and Thankful

::The Stars::
We wait under the old mango tree
Counting the glittering stars
And lying on the sandy soil
To get a better glimpse of the skies
The Wind is our guest,
She mocks the rendezvous
She whispers the tunes of Nature
And drag tree leaves with it
An evening of quietness
A moment to let thoughts wander
And travel with amazing time,
When the night draw nearer
Then the stars come to glitter

This month heralds greatness
A month of green and rain
Where tree leaves fall in circles
Dancing to meet the earth,
And when they drop finally
They settle to a new life…
June, supposes a banquet of rain
It feeds the cattle with fresh grass
And men with hope and plenty joy
The fields of corn ripen in the sun
Changing from green to golden
The smell of rain upon the clay
Define mechanisms unseen anywhere!

Now nothing compares to a life,
Grateful and full of appreciation
Never mince words, say it
Never assume things, pray it
I am thankful to you reader…
I am thankful to all helpers
I am thankful for poetry and Nature
I am thankful to myself, Oke’ Iroegbu
I am thankful for the mind and pen
I am thankful for this sweet inspiration
To be or not to be,
Without or within
I am thankful dear Lord Jesus Christ


Muse: Ne’er too late

When the sun fails to wake,
The day grows so cold and gloomy
The Dew cast her spell on the day
From the hilltops, vales and lakes
To the countryside which is woody,
And the ponds where the ducks lay
There is no ‘life’ in the sad day

By the riverside, the wind blast
Throwing the trees into a wild frenzy
The leaves fall into the flowing rivers
As the white waters rush in haste
To lands where very few can see
If the morning sun fails to rise even higher
Should it be an excuse not to work harder?

Now if the sun fails to rise
We grow weak with the waking day
And all surge of energy for work
Disappears from even the hardworker,
We excuse ourselves with the days rain
And call the heavy storms bad names
But if the sun never woke from her slumber
Should we join her in her temporary sleep?

Let a cloudy day come and rain fall
But don’t let your spirits be dampened
It is never too late to start


The Rainmakers Tale: Tradition

Give me some rain,
Take away the present situation
Let the wind bid me warn again
Give me rain, dear Heaven!

Let if flood the browned farmlands
Let it refresh the waters of the ponds
And the hards rocks upon the dry Earth
Let the hamlet be full of the wet clay salt

The Heavens will rumble
I summon the East winds
I knee before the passing clouds
I hear the aves call out loud

I summon thee Wind from afar
And She quietly comes binding alas
It throws the heavy mighty doors ajar
And what a rain that must fall, aa-hah!

The clear clouds are darkened
The firmaments are blackened
There is a powerful surge of wind,
To the East where it always stayed

On such evenings when all is weak and wiery
When the rain falls on this hamlet, hurriedly
My long candle lights become crimson with fury
As my light-grey curtains dance in sheer frenzy

So right now I am standing,
I stand beneath the falling rains
I chose to, for it is my special calling
And I thank Heaven for this blessing!


A beautiful day

The light has come upon my eyes
Birds twitter behind the windows glass
Beautiful sunrise across the horizon
The skies are gold, so is the land

Voices of people are drawn to me
What a marvelous day it will be!
The big sleepy town wakes very slowly
Man, woman, child, pets, trees, Lilies

I see wonderfully, I am conscious
Wake to the Lords abundant grace
I am alive today, the Lords blessed day
One in a bright and sunny month of May


Oke Iroegbu’s Shepherds Tale

Is it not a great night to write?
What beats our lovely imagination
When stars fall with colors bright
Or as a ninja-faced Soy bean sprout?

The nights are like firecrackers
Blossoming into beautiful stars
When they hit the soft sky
Shedding light shots of hues
They remind a tired shepherd
Of the days walk with the sheep
And when the cold night comes
Before he sets his head upon a pillow
He shoves some words on paper
Making poetry of his wandering
Counting green trees he passed by
The mistletoes, the Teak and the Sycamore
The little mysteries of the woods and her lores
And when he does lay to a quiet sleep
Letting his mouth be on a Coconut sip
Smiling to the dreams which he held back
As all grow dim and the night become dark


Musing: My Doves

Feathers flapping
Sitting on my arms
With their young claws
Not to let go
Not to fall down
Man and dove
Care and love
When I hold you two up with care
You stare into my eyes with curiosity
What a dark world
Your fine eyeballs
Seem to say,
Roving around my place
On my arms you two perched
Trying to get a balance
Whenever I walked off
Even afraid to fly off
From my own very arms!
Uncertainty, but not to worry
For to your mom you must return

Okay! I happened on these two baby doves three days ago. Their mother flew off, and in their attempt to follow fell on the floor. So I couldnt leave them out there. It was getting late and cats and other wilder birds could attack them. I took them in for the night, made a cosy bed for them and in the morning they were the first to wake. After my chores, I returned them were I got them. I also noticed doves cooing in the location, so my assumption was the mother was out looking for them with their kith and kin. How adorable! When I checked back much later I saw their mom with the babies on the rooftop. Doves are such lovely birds with nice hearts.


The Lover of my life

You’re the lover of my life
my other half
Since you came my way
I have beautiful days
I am so in love with you
I am not ashamed to



I am awoken to the sound
Of the lovely morning birds
Twittering behind the green tree
And the buzzing of the Bumblebee

The sun rises quietly
Her rays shine brightly
The clouds are blue
Painted by a fine hue

All about the bright skyline
The scouting hawks and doves whine
And under a trees shelter
All things are left to glitter

To the outside; the sunny firmaments
We take our washed and wet garments
As numerous birds sing
Flapping their colorful wings

Then this big town wakes
The chimneys that bakes
The tailors, the brewer
The farmer and the tanner



The nights may be dull…
But there are fresh morning airs
That this beautiful morning shares
It grows with the comely light
Letting all feel the suns’ warmth
As she rise from behind the cloud
Painting the land, bright and gold

The airs are for all;
The sun flower with its bright colors
And the steam boat with sailors,
Cruising across the deep blue sea
And the farmers on green rice paddies
Looking up now and then, to stretch
With their dark grey fanciful straw hat

And it comes upon all…
Fridays dawn with sweet smiles
With happiness and hopeful sighs,
Relieves and joyful moments
Saved from the stressful torment
Of work done during the past days
And we all say, “thank God its Friday!”


Musing: Cold Nights

Cold nights come sometimes
It brings to me memories
Which I thought I lost on the way
Nevertheless, I see who I become
From what I was many moments ago

Cold nights remind me of…
A tender boy I was
And when I cried for most things
It reminds me of when I was caring
And lost count of my self-care
When the days I write for love
But never was loved in return

But right now…
Things changed
I am no more a boy
I am no more a child
I think, I act
I dream, I believe
I hold my feelings
I hold my thoughts
I am now carefree
I am a man

But I still love
For if I loved once
I always will do…

For God has made it so
And thus, this part of me
I shall never let go


Musing: Four Poems of Oke’ Iroegbu

(i.) The Moon
The Moon is following me
And with her light I see
Wherever I walk she stalks
Behind my shadow she follows
And how she sweeps the land
Looking for me in the quiet clan

(ii.) Village Square
The nights dancing festival
Brings all, big and small
The farmer, the wine tapper
The cobbler and the dancer
A night of skewered meat
And one, were lovers meet

(iii.) The candle
See how her pretty light flickers
Throwing the light on my papers
Like a tongue of fire
She seeks to be admired
For even the wind has come
To rest and get some warm

(iv.) The dancer
The drums beat hard
And she strod forward
Swerving about like a mad maiden
In a big and crowded man-full den
Dancing to the cat-calls, the desires, the drunk men
And for all that cared to come watch her or listen

Oke’ Iroegbu


Musing: Stare into my eyes

I love to stare into your eyes
To let you know how special you are

I heave a sigh of relieve
Each time, tears of grieve
Dry from your pretty face

Never let go of sweet memories
Make them stay in your bossom
Enjoy all blossoming Summers
And the ice-cold Winters
But never let it fade away
Our moments, golden and sweet
Like the fast current of the spring
Leaping in joyful bounds;
Bouncing crystals of water
Rejoicing with their flowy brethren
Down to the end, where the waters fall

I see the glitter on your face
When the sun shine upon it
The stars light the dark clouds
You count the brighter ones first;
And the weak ones follow
When it rains and shines
It is a blessing, you are a blessing

You are my addiction
You are my God sent
You are my little song
Which sings in my heart

You play my hearts harps
You drown me in your love
The walls have ears indeed
They listen to our own tale
Your breath falls on me like
The sounds of the waterfalls

Gracefully you stride like the Cheetah
My eyes haven’t beheld anything better
And what more do I desire
But you that I lovely admire?


Folk: The sunny Forest

Once in a quiet sunny forest
The cruel Sun starved the Earth
And her little furry inhabitants
Of drinking water and comfort

The Owls & Wolves yawn in hunger
No one was able to decipher
Why the Sun brought her asunder
As all was thirsty for water

The forests dwellers hatched a plan
One of travelling to the village of men
Across hills & valleys thru strange land
And numerous tribes, peoples and clans

Such was the painful and heavy strife
For the bigger animals couldn’t thrive
The little animals ran for their dear lifes
From both the bigger animals and the Suns strafe


My Love Song

Glittering stars.
The night is alive
Airs of the day
Fireflies of the night
The grey moon;
For all had gathered
And to see this love
They have come

Waters rush in haste
Upon the little tide
Of the Stream
And her waterfalls
Sweet spring!
Pulling the stubborn fern
And the stray crabs

The cymbals clash
As drumsticks beat
The leather of the drum
The trumpets sound
Crickets of the wild
The silence of the heart
And the quietness of peace

Such was me
Such I longed to be,
Such was my love
Such was my passion
Such was a moment
Ever perceived as magic
Which must not last
For a thousand years
And such must be life

But I know…
Even as the beats go slowly
Yet my fine songs still sing
And to the night…
Were my memories clash
A fond goodbye I say


The Snail-cart

We are riding behind the snail cart
And now, we can see the wide world
Truely. As she is and not what it seem
With this speed my nation can see
All we had left behind and forgotten
All that slowed us and our speed bumps

Ah! We seem not to enjoy the ride anymore
Where are the gears and the grease sponges,
Where are the wheels and the extra tires?
The cart might never break though
But we can’t feel our legs
We can’t feel this slow ride


Musing: Illusion

“I compare you to this month
Blessed April with blue eyes
Clear as the benevolent Cloud
Full of perfect but right actions
And a loving stormy mouth
Which glow in the quiet night
And with your imaginary wand
You stray thru my mind like an illusion”

I wrote a poem
But I forgot your name
I sang a song
But I can’t recall the tune
I want to draw a Palm tree
But there is none here to see

I want to paint a lady Monalisa
And smell the sweet Lavender
…to run the hills
And strengthen my will
…to see the Masai
And make them my war allies
…to frighten the Lions’ and Hyenas’
And run heartily across the Savannah

I want to dance with you
Somewhere, just me and you
I want to dream of you
And say all I desire anew


Another Tale of a Shepherd

Nothing compares to the sweet sleep
Of all good and hardworking shepherds
He retires with a fine and adorable smile
And to his bed of wool, he lays
Tuning into the local radio station
To listen to some old folk songs
Nodding almost silently to the rhythm
Smiling to the memories of the stressful day
And the little Lavender he found on the way

The night is quiet, warm and cosy
The moon is wearing a cute smiley
But to his lonely blanket he clings
As the duckling will to the Hens wings
And the air about is moist and fresh
This is his own warm and perfect nest
Thanks to the open wooden window
The light in the room is very low
And there is enough breeze to go around
Even the noisy brown crickets are ignored
The screeching of all strange insects-
The nomads of the quiet nights
Rent the air, disturbing companions
But the lonely Shepherd slept on
And soon a beautiful dream
One of fantasy; milk, honey a-swimming
Shall dawn upon his big and weary head
And so, in such times he laughs out aloud!


Musing: The wandering man

“When I retire after each days work is done
I don’t tell people my experiences though
But I have them, do I look like someone
Who is bothered? You would never know…”

Once I happened upon a man
Bearded. Long. Tall and bendy
At first, methought he lost his mind
But when he called out to my attention
I became curious and went closer
On my approach, he said comically
“You’re juth in time for a little thnack!
Do you care for some tweet, tweet nut”
Well, I was never to lose my cool easily
But now, it seemed I want to kick him
Or swing my fist, a whooping 360 degrees
Around his smiling goofy face… Sigh
He saw my apparition, so indifferent
He smiled and offered some boiled nuts
“No thanks” I refused his generosity
Hmmm, more than enough I bargained
“I have more where that came from”
He was now prodding farther
“And here comes twouble again” I said
To my own very hearing alone
“Would you like to have deenner instead!”
“You bawely know me sir,” I began
“Why do you offer me your food…?”

“Tinterely, I tit down here all day
Watching as people come and go
Like the windt come from the Touth
I travel to a far away country
But upon this road I came to revive
My legt and grab tome thnack!”
I nodded when he kept silent, waiting
“Now, do you know how I became
A tired and tore-footed wanderer?
I am trying to run away from
What people talk about me
But each day I run from town to town
I tee none of my troublers, but
They live quietly in mind, they do!
And to think you can ever get rid
Of what people talk about you is vain
You have to work on your mind
Condition it. Program it. Live it
Now my wandering hat brought me here
But nothing hat changed in my mind
Do not be like me, never run away…”
And so saying he raised his right hand up
So I could help him up. Pity
I thought about myself as I walked away

“And don’t let people influence
Your world with their wordt” he added
I had some understanding now
I knew for sure, knowledge could be found
Somewhere, anywhere; if you can just look



March bears the Winter on her back
And with one more nod to say bye
She takes her leave to the Earths’ borders

With this time of the heated sun
It is even time to introduce some
New flavors and dishes on the table

The sun rise and the rain falls
Brown earth stays everwhere
The greens love this amazing weather

The wild is left to her romance
Mother Nature washes her garments
On the waterfalls and sings aloud

From the window sides
The beauty of the clouds are seen
Hills curve in strange caricatures
Pretty birds sing from hideouts

The gardens bloom with live
Ants scramble about, flies, wasps
The sun shines above the trees
But in the shades Comfort dwells

The mornings burn with sweet desire
Nothing compares to Gods love come to man
Not even, the sweet scent of wheat fields
Or the sweet taste of fresh honeycombs

April is the month of food and fruits
Apples, Cherries, Jackfruits, Guavas, Berries,
Pawpaws, Oranges, Carrots and Soursops!
Fresh, yellow, round, red, blushing, ripened!


Musing: For a special friend

Can I call you my engine or engineer
You steer my desires like the wheel
You play the strings of my heart like the guitar
You sink my sorrows like the submarine
And make my heart skip beats always
I race forward like the locomotive
Up the hills, with force and might
You train my courage,
“Hope is a waking dream”

You fan my face with graceful limbs
And with your sweet perfumed papers
My dreams are your utmost desires
You pray for my own good
You call me a special friend
Nothing compares to your memories
Nothing can come in between us
Smack my hands when you act the turkey
I’m glad your even someone funny

My smiles come from thoughts of you
There is no peace in me, if your face I can’t see
And now I recall your adorable words
“Just be good and do what you should”


Musing: A Lovers Tale

“I will love you even when the tree leaves fall
In the winters cold and summers heat
I will love you even when the days are gone
And when the nights grow even darkest”

I submit to you
All I have and own
I am your servant
But I am your lover

The nights must come
But we have each other
And we shall make the fire burn
The flowers we tend together

You tell me tales
I tell you mine too
But my tales are longer
You fall asleep before my last

Now what do you see in my eyes
When you stare in them?
You sweetly called it love right?
But you see yourself in my eyes

The morning is airy
We stand at the curtainside
But my arms are hairy
And it does tickle you

What if I told you something
That I care about your happiness
And that each time you smile
My heart rejoices in a joyful bliss

Look upon me now am young
Remember this grey-colored eyes
Remember also my elfy ears
Do not forget for I shall ask much later

And when my poetry muse
You shall always be my theme
What more happiness can I thank God for
But for you, my amazing friend and lover?


Musing: Easter

Greater love has no one than this, that
someone lay down his life for his friends…
John 15.13

Easter signifies love and care
The festivities rent the airs
And now we all love and share
For Christ came and died for man
Bringing mercies unknown to men
From Divine stores, made in Heaven
To blessed Earthly Providence
Soft airs and vegetable forests
To exotic wildlife and rivulets

Happy Easter celebrations everyone… Show some love and care. God bless you


Wanderer by Obiajulu Nwodo

Wander-man, Tiger-man moves; sipping from different fountains overflowing with milk of life and death

He hops;
From Jagua Nana to
Annan Wanger
Never satisfied with his own wife and life
Kisses empty sheets
Droops and sags in
Eating Bullshit

Wander-man, Bat-man
While Hannah cries
High five!
While Hannah dies
You tell her lies to cover up your crimes


Away with it wander-heart!
Retire so your palm won’t catch fire.

Obiajulu Nwodo is a versifier and a short story writer. Some of her works has been published in different platforms. She has some unpublished works to her credit and she is a good friend of mine.