Arise in the morning, with commentary

Morning is breaking,
So is the sun upon the horizon
On a day many will till
And many will waste still
The clouds grow and spread
A blue apparition they made
With scupltures on the wind
And strange painting on the cloud
The waking day beckons to all
To everyone to work…

Arise when it is morning
Arise and shine…

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Procrastination is the mother of delayed destinies. Most times we seek to ‘relax’ a little more, without understanding the consequence. In the morning, the sun wakes and she does so, so we could wake with her. Time lost can’t be replaced. Time runs fast and when we can we should try to keep up with her pace. Is it not said, time is money? A second is worth billions to some people, worth millions and thousands to others and worth nothing to others. Wake up when it is morning and do some work, do some more painting, more drawing, culture your flowers more, check your dance steps or songs lyrics, write another chapter, cook another recipe… Do anything, anything but procrastination. If you work for yourself or from home… A little more effort will be helpful. Start the idea you have been grooming, the sun is waking for you. Is it not a beautiful morning from Africa? So arise and shine and have for yourself a nice day!

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