A muse: Diaries of a Traveller

Dear Diary…

It is very early morning
And I wake to go home
After a nice breakfast
Of Indomie and…
I ‘hijacked’ a ‘Took-took’
To take me to the park

Okay, it was very cold
Last night…
I warmed up with a sweater
But yet the Night was cruel
Now, it is quiet warm
Some nights, some cold…

I find my way…
Thru the rigorous ‘paths’
That lead me home
Sitting besides two girls
Who tell me they head
To the ancient city of Kano

Well, here I am…
Staring at passing trees
Trying to count as we sped
Watching the cars pass by
But the chats of passengers
Disturb my quiet peace…

The sun rose while I type this
What a spectacular beauty she is
The road is really rough,
The road is a representation
Of those who rule us I say…
Amidst peoples laughs and talks

Ehen, lest I forget
I plan another travel soon
Somewhere quiet and lonely
With me and myself
Every thing Nature can offer
To a bard…

When I pack next…
Where will I be going?
Thou shall hear from me soon

* Took Took: A nick for a small tricycle vehicle popularly used in India and West Africa. It is also called Keke in Nigeria. Maybe the name came from the noise made by the vehicles when they are on transit.

By Oke Iroegbu

Finance Graduate, Bibliophile and Bard of Ovim, his hometown. Read more at

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