For me, a thoughtful piece

There are hidden crickets singing carefree-ly
Whenever I find myself in my quiet time
A moment just before I set into a reverie,
A moment I recall all I like to see in my dream

Dreams come true if you keep it at heart;
What joy one will have to climb the Kilimanjaro
Or to drive thru the wild fields of the Veldt
Or to watch the Lions as they prowl the land of Tsavo!

I find fascinating the rhythm of waterfalls
The thoughts of the hot Sahara and her sands
The morning hoo-hooting of the gentle Doves as they call
The healing touch come from mother Natures greatness

I was in reality, killed an attacking green snake
A chipmunk, a crab, a scorpion and even more-
I sit to wonder what might be mother Natures take,
On my acts and hope I never disrupted her flow

I offer to myself a series of thoughts and words
Stirring the excellent spirit of God to guide me,
Believing on the power of my soaring mind
And taking a stand to be better, to take the lead

The dawn gives me a fresh start,
Yet another dream to find beautiful
A story of reality or fantasies I write
And ideas for lifes advancement plentiful

I am indebted to hardwork…
‘Following knowledge like a sinking star’
Gathering my steps one at a time,
And now my life is about going prime!

By Oke Iroegbu

Finance Graduate, Bibliophile and Bard of Ovim, his hometown. Read more at

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