The Poem of a Shepherd

I will tell you about my Jehovah,
My beautiful encounters with Him
His creations that made me wonder
With each passing day and dream

The tall Red Pine blossom
When there is such a wild-wind
It shakes down leaves for the ‘groom’
Twisting, circling as they fall down

Stand at the zenith of the hills
See the green lowlands and plains
Without pillars, as they rise and fall
And this, no physician can explain

The sun light paints the land
With her rising awesomeness
She colors all life, gold
A hue bringing great happiness

I am amazed in the morning
For it brings abundant joy
To people that are mourning
And to all, He makes rejoice

He sends the heavy night rains
To calm the laborers daily toil
And fills pots with abundance,
The waters make moist the soil

I see Him in the waking of the sun
And when the mist rise up the cloud,
On dew waking early in the morning
And the streams that run Eastward

His Love is like the surging wind
None can stand on its way
The waterfalls tell of these words
Which the psalmists sing and say

He had made storm in the desert
And water has come from dunes
He had consoled the souls, hurt
And made Kings from common men

The strange clouds pass by
But the Love of God stays;
Tarry a little more, for His light
Must surely come some day

I am left to wonder alone
The awesome power of my Creator
He who made the rain and the snow
And the earth a living sculpture

By Oke Iroegbu

Finance Graduate, Bibliophile and Bard of Ovim, his hometown. Read more at

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