Folk: The Palm wine tapper

When the palm wine tapper
Goes visiting his palm trees
He is very, very happy
And when he climbs a tree
He leans on his strong ropes
“Kpom Chiki! Kpom chiki!!”
He is very, very happy

The Palm wine is a natural beer derived from the Palm raffia trees. The beer is whitish in color and when mixed with water foams. I remember drinking a cupful. The tapper is normally depicted as a man on a straw hat with pants stretched down to his knees and perhaps on bare clothing such as a singlet.
I learnt the Igbo language when I was growing. I could recall those lyrics describing a palm wine tapper who is happy doing his work. I have penned down those wordings sang during the primary school days, and I find it funny recalling the moments we were asked to demonstrate.

“Kpom chiki…” Onomatopoiea, describes the sound of the tappers cutlass as it lands on the Raffia palm tree branches.

The Igbo folk song:

Mgbe oku ngwo gara n’ude
Obi na ato ya uto
Mgbe origoro na ngwo ya
O dabere na-ekete ya
Kpom chiki! Kpom chiki!!
Obi na ato ya uto

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