A Lovers Tale

I remember when you left for the city, walking lean and tall
When at the hilltop you turned to wave me the last goodbye
I remember the tears of the little ones as they try to hold you back
When as you walk away, facing the suns light as she grew dimmer
I remember your lovely heart warming letters written to me
When I thought I saw your face on the passing blue clouds
I remember when you sold your cloths to buy me food
When even in your traversing you sent me weekly flowers
I remember the queer nights we danced under the baobab
While the airs were soft and sweet and the moon shining brightly
I remember your tenderness, your care, your trust in me
Even when you travelled the world to find my daily bread
I remember your promise to love me forever
To hold me even as I become old, weak and frail

I return my promise to love you with all my being,
With all that God Almighty has given me
And that my love for you shall never die

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