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Power in words

This is a touching story. When I read it I felt very bad. It’s not imagined.

In South Africa, an 11 year old child committed suicide on his mother’s birthday as a birthday gift to his mother.

He left a letter saying, “On today’s special day, I want you to be the happiest ever. Everyday you used to say that happiness left your life the day I was born. You told me dad left because of me. So today, I want to change things. I want you to be very happy and live as if I never existed. You told me you’d never look at me with love but I always loved you and admire you as the best mom on earth. I hope one day you will think of me, I hope in heaven you will finally hold me and kiss me. The best gift I could give you is leaving your life as you’ve always told me you wished I was never born. I love you mom. Happy birthday”.

Please parents be careful of what you say to your kids. Words do cut so deep.

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Warm Hugs from Africa

Dear Friends,

We wake up to awful happenings around the world. The media churn out stories that make people sick. Nothing makes sense anymore. For the past few months horrible things had happened. We lost many good things and people.

But don’t despair, don’t give up yet. There’s still good in the confusion, we need to keen our minds to see it. This cold morning I send warm hugs, prayers and thoughts your way. Stay safe and sane, trusting that things will make sense soon.

Please send someone a beautiful message of hope and love. Let’s have a beautiful week ahead.

From Africa with Love ❤
Africa Nature Pastoral Poetry

Muse: I Wonder

I wondered, too, what I had ever done to deserve the special love of this very special girl. When I used to think about you before this day happened – it had been as of a rather splendid but inaccessible young goddess of the hills and dales – the incarnation of all beauty, and truth; the spirit of Mother Nature, herself.

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Ever Searching

Ever searching for the wor(l)d…

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Madagascar’s Covid-19 Cure

It’s no more news that Madagascar found a cure for Covid-19 and that some African governments are reaching out to purchase some. I think that the WHO Madagascar office should work with these people to ensure that the cure is potent against Covid-19. Note that the cure was prepared from traditional herbs and Africa has a long history in curing ailments through use of herbs, barks, leaves, fruits and roots. This might just be the answer or direction the world seek. Support Africa.

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Muse: Love first

Let your heartbeat be louder than your thoughts,
Let soft words to souls sorrowing, good tidings grant

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Hang on guys

To everyone who’s experiencing home isolation. This too shall end.

With love to everyone 💙💚💜

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If you let me paint

So if you let me paint the world,
I would imagine the sunrise over wheat fields
And fast approaching evening when birds fly home

Africa Love and Christianity Nature Pastoral Poetry


Hallo everyone! It’s Valentine. I wish you all a happy Lover’s Day. The essence of our humanity is love.

I like to ask a favour from everyone. Can you join me to show the less privileged love today (and beyond)? Let’s give out our old cloths and furniture, anything you can think of. I will do my part from this side. Let’s paint the world with love.

Love… 💙💚💝💜💛

Have a great weekend 😊👋

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Every child deserves to be loved. Children can be at their best selves when loved and would reciprocate this act while growing. So if love is lacking in the society, it may be that people failed in their first duty to love. A man who lacks love was once a child who knew no love! A child will become a lover because he was loved. Love allows personal growth and self discovery. Let’s ponder over this.

Lessons from Experiences Love and Christianity

Thoughts on Love

Love is an intense feeling of affection and care towards another person. The English dictionary defines it as deep or abiding liking for something. A profound and caring attraction towards someone. Note the appearance of care and affection in all the definitions.

Let’s read from the Bible to get a clearer picture of what love suggests. 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8, New International Version (NIV)

4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

8 Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

Wow. That is self explained. What I can make of these verses is that love is selflessness. It is forgiveness in the greatest of wrongs (for instance, love from Mandela’s experience) and a gift which can turn situations around. Let’s assume, the whole world has this kind of love. How do you think the Earth will look like? When we forgive freely we love, when we are selfless in service we love. If you are selfless, then you are humble. A loving person prefers peace, because he won’t stand violence which may destroy that which he loves. Love perseveres, love is not proud. Kindness is one of the highest forms of Love. Same with compassion and diligence (lovingly working hard in the things you do). So you can see the connections between great virtues and love. Is it not said that Love is the greatest of all?

Let love flow like a stream. Let it feed, water, cloth and bless the land around you. Nothing matters more.

Tell someone you love him/her today. Prove it too by being kind and showing affection. Let me start from you; I love you!

Good morning from West Africa.


My Love

Onyinye Chukwum!
The pearl that shines with the sun,
Your skin glitter like pretty diamonds
Upon the darkest of nights you shine
From the Earth to the heights of Heaven
Your thoughts come to me like fine wine!

The love we share knows no bound
It is like the harp and the players fingers
A pure harmony brought to Earth by God
Nothing puts the Almightys will asunder

The songs we share, like the fable
Like the folklore sang by country shepherds
On green fields it becomes lively and able
As the shepherd walks before the hungry herd

The dreams we share, gave me a new life
A compass, a direction and a pathway
With you by my side, I soar to new heights
Your love kept me alive and brighten my days!

The love we share, a beautiful testimony
I desire your quiet look, your simplicity
A dream come to pass for you and me
For now I realize you were for real

Onyinye Chukwum! An Igbo exclamation meaning my gift from God!


Musing: Stare into my eyes

I love to stare into your eyes
To let you know how special you are

I heave a sigh of relieve
Each time, tears of grieve
Dry from your pretty face

Never let go of sweet memories
Make them stay in your bossom
Enjoy all blossoming Summers
And the ice-cold Winters
But never let it fade away
Our moments, golden and sweet
Like the fast current of the spring
Leaping in joyful bounds;
Bouncing crystals of water
Rejoicing with their flowy brethren
Down to the end, where the waters fall

I see the glitter on your face
When the sun shine upon it
The stars light the dark clouds
You count the brighter ones first;
And the weak ones follow
When it rains and shines
It is a blessing, you are a blessing

You are my addiction
You are my God sent
You are my little song
Which sings in my heart

You play my hearts harps
You drown me in your love
The walls have ears indeed
They listen to our own tale
Your breath falls on me like
The sounds of the waterfalls

Gracefully you stride like the Cheetah
My eyes haven’t beheld anything better
And what more do I desire
But you that I lovely admire?


Musing: A Lovers Tale

“I will love you even when the tree leaves fall
In the winters cold and summers heat
I will love you even when the days are gone
And when the nights grow even darkest”

I submit to you
All I have and own
I am your servant
But I am your lover

The nights must come
But we have each other
And we shall make the fire burn
The flowers we tend together

You tell me tales
I tell you mine too
But my tales are longer
You fall asleep before my last

Now what do you see in my eyes
When you stare in them?
You sweetly called it love right?
But you see yourself in my eyes

The morning is airy
We stand at the curtainside
But my arms are hairy
And it does tickle you

What if I told you something
That I care about your happiness
And that each time you smile
My heart rejoices in a joyful bliss

Look upon me now am young
Remember this grey-colored eyes
Remember also my elfy ears
Do not forget for I shall ask much later

And when my poetry muse
You shall always be my theme
What more happiness can I thank God for
But for you, my amazing friend and lover?


A Lovers Tale

I remember when you left for the city, walking lean and tall
When at the hilltop you turned to wave me the last goodbye
I remember the tears of the little ones as they try to hold you back
When as you walk away, facing the suns light as she grew dimmer
I remember your lovely heart warming letters written to me
When I thought I saw your face on the passing blue clouds
I remember when you sold your cloths to buy me food
When even in your traversing you sent me weekly flowers
I remember the queer nights we danced under the baobab
While the airs were soft and sweet and the moon shining brightly
I remember your tenderness, your care, your trust in me
Even when you travelled the world to find my daily bread
I remember your promise to love me forever
To hold me even as I become old, weak and frail

I return my promise to love you with all my being,
With all that God Almighty has given me
And that my love for you shall never die



How happy the day ended
And now the stars glitter in the night
With laughters of joy resounding about
While up the hills, the grass burn
How joyful the hugs and smiles are
From loved ones and friends
And the entire acquiantance made
As celebrations and festivities abound

Now the birth of our Lord, Christ
Is the reason for the season
For the joy and laughter
And celebration come
Let the peace of the Lord
Dwell and bless you all



Tonight, reminds me of thee motherland
Thee land of great forests and men!
Of streams and vast farmlands!
The home of the Cashew and the Palm
The scenery of Mother Natures beauty
A painted work, done only by Nature herself
Great hills and vales surround thee
Oh how love flows when you are remembered
All day, the people are full of smiles
The cold nights are made warm with your memories
A land of the Pheasant and the Hyena
In the hot sun, you shine forth
And the little sun insects scamper about
Let me behold thy beautiful presence
More and more, for thee land
Is my tale and inspiration


My Lover

The wind let my ship rock
But you commandeered my heart
My sails are up in the sky
The flag of love flies desperately

Now you lay beside my weak bones
Cuddling me, through my shyness
We whisper and talk slowly
While the woods sigh in the chimney

In the waking morning
You are my sunshine
In the cold nights
You are my moon light

The stars glitter when we watch together
And when you pout and smile
Raising your hands to show a star
I am left in sudden wonder

You pull my hair slowly
And sing strange songs you wrote
The pains of the days strife
Is soothed away from me

The tales I tell you make you sleepy
I wake you with a soft thrust of the hair
The smile upon your face warm my heart
And the sleepy calmness of you on me brings joy

And when the evening get darker
And all about quietness comes
But for the tongues of fire licking the wood
We stay in each others arms


Family Thoughts

– Family is Divine. Marriage is approved by God, so also is the family. The family influences the society and the family is an agent of positive change.

– Family gives hope and understands more than any other. If we are from the same roots, live together, play together, hope together, love and care together and definitely knows when one is sad, downtrodden, good and lively we tend to understand one another without much stress. We understand when one needs to stay alone or when he-she needs a hug. So the family do understand better most times.

– Family funtime is the best playtime! Have you watched a comic, drama, movie or concert with the family or shared a joke? Have you tried playing games with loved ones? The joy derived in the smiles and laughter of a loved one lightens the heart and unburdens the soul. It gives a heart felt feeling which is indescribable.

– The family cares and loves. It is only in the family that you see unbiased love, care and emotion. In a family that loves one another, God abides and to stand together a strong team of hearts is built.

– Family shares, builds and lives together. Knowing that your sister, brother, husband, wife, baby, uncle, aunty, niece, cousin etc are part of you and pieces of traits found in them maybe found in you, push up that feeling of closeness, community and humanity. You see such people as you see yourself, you love them as much too.

– Family is a Divine agent of Comfort, Encouragement, Control, Reconciliation and Consolation. Take a quick look at the prodigal son who came back with nothing but shame and disgrace, but the family welcomed him back. Whenever I feel deeply hurt, pain, sad, happy, good, achieved, I do call the attention of the family or atleast one member of the family. It boosts my believe that someone has my back and would always lend a shoulder, arm or a word. Towards the times of stress, eg exam times, I travel home to acquaint and relieve myself of education, work and other stress. It do work for me. Each time I resume schooling or work after staying with the family I find myself better improved and equipped, ready and in high spirits to succeed and exceed my previous efforts.

– But then, sometimes things will change but we must begin and end with the family. Here, you can always come back to the family, it”s always yours. Friends leave, but family always stay.

So do pray, love, care and never forsake the family.