Nature Poetry

Musing: Besides the Waterfall

I stand before the rocks
On the edge were waters fall
Through the block were ferns grow
And the white crystals drop solemnly

And I call out to thee
Hear me, dear mother Nature
Though I am confused and shy
I come to ask of thee something
All about me, I fear greatly
I fear for the thoughts come to me
The thoughts of losing the one I love
For she is so dear and her version rare
The color of her eyes are sweet grey
And the perfumes on her hair,
Fresh each morning I smell them
She is very tall, like the Pawpaw tree
And when she laughs, my thoughts
Comes to a fierce sudden halt,
She has the grace of the deers limb
And walks majestically, like the Pea-hen
The wind is always cool when she stays
The moon mock my shyness
I crave a planet just for we two
But alas, I fear;
The joy of her acquaintance
Tells of many sweet memories
Which will live for a thousand years
Now tell me, mother Nature
What am I to do, to love her more?
For she gave me her true love
And since this beautiful acquiantance
I see the morning clouds, clear
As the crystal drops fall from the waterfall

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