The meaning of: a Diamond

Dreams are plans come true in the mind
… Set to manifest in the future
… Bond by strings of faith
Perseverance, courage and Determination

Then comes a taste from within
… Boiling up a bowlful of Ideas
… A spirit for clear values
A culture of modern Innovations

Inspirations are high and higher
… Sweeping through the souls depth
… Pushing the sweet cloaked records
And ending in good Aspirations

Come a day and days
… When ones intellect ability sours
… Rolling past a sunny and cloudy way
Bulging out a complete sense of Mentorship

And there in lifetimes struggle
… A glint of hope sprouts up
… As realities bump about
Paving a way for an Opportunity

A bold stare into the future
… Reveals all happy moments
… Of unrivalled progress and power
And a grip on keeping such Nurtured

Just like on your celebration date
… When rocketeers ply the sky route
… We can look at the smiling stars together
We lived to our dreams and Destiny

Now that is a Diamond.

By Oke Iroegbu

Finance Graduate, Bibliophile and Bard of Ovim, his hometown. Read more at

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