A Windy Tale

There are nights that the world stays calm
Quiet, silent not even a time of wink or snare
A time, poets stay alone in thought
Wondering what others see as absurd
Unnecessary, awful and undeserved
The lines read in the mind
Draws a quieter person
Turns the mind to a great arena,
A giant field of several thoughts
And shrinks the world to a stage
The loneliness as felt in this times
Overthrows all known thought, grieve, pain
Even sorrows encountered
Brings live to the unliving
Paints a world of beauty
Chalked in the mind, only
Traversing the length of the universe
From a seat, in a little hut
The nights that a soul seemed for love
Attention, care, petting, companionship
Hearing lovers joke outside the window
Feeling the worlds emptiness alone
Trying much to see in dark rooms
Giving life again, to inanimate issues
But then love flows in this heart
Just that everyone were busy to see it
Nobody to look thru the grey eyes
To see the unworded pleadings of the heart
Never to understand the silent nod
The earth lives on
If love wasn’t shown
It cannot be seen
The night is cold
Not for the wind
Per se, but for this loneliness
The nights are rare,
Such a night as this

Oiroegbu Halls

By Oke Iroegbu

Finance Graduate, Bibliophile and Bard of Ovim, his hometown. Read more at

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